The Corpse Flower is About to Bloom

  • And just in time for Halloween.

There’s a flower that grows and smells as it blooms. Have you ever heard of the corpse flower? It’s here and it’s stinky, and it’s just in time for Halloween.

There is a corpse flower that blooms at Dartmouth college. This flower is so repulsing, people cannot help but compare the stink to things like rotting flesh, decaying animals, and poopy diapers.

Just this week, the flower is expected to bloom. The season couldn’t be more perfect for a gross, and smelly flower with a name like corpse flower to blossom.

Named Morphy, this flower is a titan arum and native to Sumatra’s equatorial rain forests. This flower has a long and pointed stalk and a skirt-like covering with tiny yellow flowers at its base. It blooms for a short few days and then it’s over. But people like it that way.

The odor is bad, like dying flesh and animal decay. Gross.


The plant at the college is decorated with bats, spiders, and an arm that’s reaching out of the soil and holding a sign that says, “Help me!” It’s growing by several inches a day and this last Friday morning, it reached 71.5 inches tall.

Visitors or interested parties can go see the flower in person in the greenhouse or on Dartmouth’s webcam.

This plant is 15 years old and last bloomed in 2016. It’s lime green and burgundy in color. Last time it bloomed it reached a height of 7 feet and 6 inches.

“The older a corpse plant gets, the more likely it’s going to flower more often,” greenhouse manager Kim DeLong had said.

Morphy’s getting bigger, too. After the last bloom, it grew a leaf so large that reached 10 feet and almost to the ceiling of the greenhouse. The leaf busied itself for 13 months photosynthesizing and storing all its energy. The leaf died in June.

But go see the stinky plant if you want. It’s the week of Halloween, after all!