If All Else Fails, Just Microwave Your Pee

  • Don't really microwave your pee, just don't do it.

When you gotta go, you gotta go. Or at least that’s how the old adage goes.

But if you pee in a white plastic bottle, you by no means should put it into a microwave and attempt to warm it up. Or in this case, blow it up.

When Angelique Sanchez walked into the 7-Eleven in Aurora, Colorado, that was just what she planned to do. Well warm it up that is, not blow it up.

But blow it up she did and the pee came dripping out of the microwave in the process.

The clerk saw her place something into the microwave just before she heard a “loud bang.”

As one would be, the on duty store clerk was pissed. She threatened Sanchez with calling the cops if she didn’t clean it up.

The police report says Sanchez did come back and wipe up the microwave, but she just took napkins and wiped the substance on the floor before walking out again.

The store clerk called the cops. The microwave was disgusting and according to her there was a  “yellow liquid dripping from the microwave and the smell was unquestionably urine.”

The officers responded and found Sanchez at a nearby clinic where she was due to take a blood test for a potential new job. They confronted her and she said she had cleaned up the mess. She claimed she didn’t know what the problem was.

One officer wrote in the police report, “When I reminded her that urine blew up where people prepare their food, she told me it was not real urine.”

Sanchez was given a $500 citation for damaging the microwave and not allowed to take the drug test that day. Yike.

We hope it wasn’t pee because, let’s be real, that would be disgusting. **Never using a gas station microwave again.**