Nothing Says True Love Like True Stalking, Via Text

  • If you meet someone online, and they don't like you back, don't send them 65,000 texts. In fact, don't text them at all.

There’s true love and then there’s true terror. Only you can decide how this story ended.

You see, lots of people meet online these days. They see each other in person, fall in love, and are together forever. (I would know, it happened to me.)

Sometimes potential suitors aren’t a match though. Some people get ghosted, some get the awkward brush off, and still others can’t take a hint.

Or stop sending text messages. It was only 65,000 texts later that he finally said enough is enough. Nope, that’s not a typo, Jaqueline Ades sent 65,000 texts to who she refers to as her “soulmate.”

They met on Luxy, a site for millionaires looking for love. After Ades was told she would meet her “healing angel” from a physic, she believed this was him.

When the two met, Ades was instantly hooked. “I felt like I met my soul mate and everything was just the way it was and I thought we would just do what everybody else did and we would get married and everything would be fine. But that’s not what happened,” she said.

Her suitor did not feel the same way, but Ades just didn’t want to give up. She sent the mass amount of texts in just a few months and some of them were truly chilling.

Authorities confirm her texts were dangerous and explicit, and said things like:

  • “I hope you die … you rotten filthy Jew.”
  • “I’m like the new Hitler … man was a genius.”
  • “Oh, what I would do w/your blood … I’d wanna bathe in it.”

As if the texts weren’t enough, the situation came to a head last month when Ades broke into the man’s house and was found using his tub. Police also state she would show up to this mans work and act like his wife.

Ades is due in court tomorrow, May 15th, and will be represented by a public defender. She is being held without bond.

This girl really knows how to get a man when she likes him. More like, she knows how to get a man to never want to see or speak to her again. Yike.