Don’t Ever Give Up On A Hole-In-One

  • It might take your whole golfing career but one day, a hole-in-one could be yours!

If you love golf, your biggest moment is a hole-in-one. It’s what you dream of, play for, and even fake perfect your swing in the house for. (At least there are some guys that do this.)

This Ohio man loved golf so much that he played for over 65 years. He started at age 28 and he was good. He even got his handicap down to 3 at one point.

And then it happened. The elusive event. He got a hole in one. He just had to wait until he was 93 for it to happen.

Ben Bender was playing what he calls “his last day of golf.” He said that, “the Lord knew” this would be it for him and gave him a hole-in-one.

Bender was playing this round last month at Green Valley Golf course in Zanesville, Ohio. It was 152-yard hole and a 5-wood that got Bender to his personal win.

He said that he watched in awe, but that his hip started to hurt and he stopped playing just a few holes later. When he headed into the clubhouse for the last time, he felt as if his golfing career had come to a memorable end.

He knows he can’t play forever but he is sad to give up the game. What a way to go finish our your golf life!

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