Donkey Tries To Eat $300K Orange Sports Car But Had A Really Good Reason

  • A German man parked his McLaren 650S Spider too close to a donkey
  • The hungry ass took a massive bite out of the car's fender
  • The donkey's owner still hasn't paid for damages
smiling donkey

If an animal is hungry enough, he’ll eat that looks like food. Even a $300K sports car.

Markus Zahn took his pride and joy, a McLaren 650S Spider, out for a spin last year in Germany. He parked his car in what he assumed was a safe spot. The last thing he wanted was another car to hit his orange speedster. But what Zahn didn’t count on was an incredibly hungry donkey. A donkey who might also need some glasses.

“I looked into the rear-view mirror and suddenly saw a pair of fluffy ears,” Zahn told the Metro UK,” “and then I heard a strange sound. The sound came from a donkey, who was gnawing at my fender.”

The donkey mistook Zahn’s more than quarter-of-million-dollar sports car for a massive carrot. A carrot…on wheels. The famished ass did significant damage to the car, damaging the paint and the carbon-fiber fender.

Zahn took the donkey’s owner to court to cover the damage to the McLauren. Zahn had to pay 5,800 Euros ($6,851 American) for the damage. His insurance company covered the rest of the over $34,000 in repair costs. Zahn won his case, but the owner of the four-legged vehicle chomper is yet to pay off the debt.

The car eating donkey is the only animal to ingest things by mistake. These amazing animal x-rays show just how far animals will go if they’re hungry including a golden retriever that ate an entire lightbulb and a 2-month-old rat terrier that ate a bra.

According to this handy guide to feeding donkeys, a $300K sports car is not suggested. The donkey should stick to his diet or end up as obese as these creatures.

Zahn told Metro he’s “not mad” at the donkey for taking a bite of his precious vehicle. The donkey is yet to apologize.


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