UK Man Claims To Have Real UFO Footage

  • Bracknell resident claims to have recorded footage of an extraterrestrial aircraft
  • The UFO was seen to be glowing with great intensity

Footage of what looks like a UFO flying over Bracknell in Berkshire surfaced on the Internet in late August 2017.

Resident Bob Wise recorded the strange object, which he says was flashing its lights at around noon, on a hot, sunny day. The sighting prompted Bob to pull out his camera and record the unusual event.

Wise claims the flying object was stationary at first. It was pulsing, but dim and became brighter over time. At first, he didn’t believe it to be extraterrestrial; instead, Wise thought it must be a new type of military aircraft that was being tested. But while editing the footage he shot, he noticed the craft was more spherical than streamlined. He also recalls that it hovered over the clear sky for nearly seven minutes before flying off.

The puzzled man believes that object was not of human origin, as it burned bright with the intensity of magnesium, nor did its lights look electrical. However, what really made this object stick out is the area in which it was spotted which always has planes and helicopters flying overhead. In this area, it’s easy to see an experimental aircraft, but this one stuck out like a sore thumb, as it was so much different than what the locals are accustomed to witnessing every day in Easthampsted, Bracknell.

Wise claims that that the footage he shot on his phone is the genuine article, no fakery involved. When you see it, you’ll likely agree that it looks real. Bracknell has been a popular UFO spot for several years, with many residents claiming to have seen unexplained aircraft buzzing overhead. Do you believe Wise’s video is finally proof of the existence extraterrestrials? Or is it a trick of the eye, or a new type of aircraft in the testing stages?