Baby Monitor Ghosts Scare Parents Nearly To Death

  • I ain't afraid of no... Ok, actually, I'm pretty scared.
Photo by Tertia van Rensburg on Unsplash
Photo by Tertia van Rensburg on Unsplash


Do you believe in the supernatural? What if you had proof it existed? Well, baby monitors have been very handy in that regard…

Supernatural Baby Monitor

When a Los Angeles couple discovered ‘ghostly’ splotches on their baby monitor, people started becoming worried. Natalie Wallace and her husband didn’t think that the purple and pink splotches that appeared around their babies crib were the motion indicators. The first time she saw the images, her baby was in deep sleep.

Real Or Just Worried Imagination Running Loose?

According to Lawrence Balter, a professor emeritus of applied psychology at New York University, the parents may very well be imagining things. “If you weren’t nervous, you probably wouldn’t make that interpretation. You’d say it’s probably some sort of technological glitch. But if you’re nervous and worried about your newborns well being, you might jump to a conclusion that’s less than logical.”

There have been several similar reports, where people claim to have seen ‘ghostly’ figures on their advanced baby cameras. “When the camera is properly installed, the computer vision would focus on the baby’s motions, walking, even sleeping,” explained Gary McMath. Cocoon Cam is the camera company that the couple uses, and Gary McMath is the marketing chief.

That’s Not The Only Case

A Michigan couple assumed they saw a strange blur. It turned out to be much more. It turned out to be a ghost, but that’s not the scary part. The spirit injured their baby, Lily. In the video on, the baby sits up in her crib. “It’s almost like she sees something we don’t,” said Heather Brough, Lily’s mother. It’s an image that Heather and Joshua (Heather husband) will haunt their home.

What? He Just Wanted Kisses!

“I freaked out. I stopped what I was doing and ran upstairs and grabbed my daughter,” Heather said. Heather said that it also scratched her daughter, as well as attacking herself. “It scares us that it could do something else. I mean, there was a morning I woke up and I felt like someone’s hands were around my neck.”

Jim Higgin, Joshua’s dad, recalled the story of the previous owner. “The gentleman that lived here originally committed suicide apparently by jumping out this window (which you can see in WXYZ’s video), which is one story down.”

The couple doesn’t know why this specter is targeting them, but they won’t put up with it. “It’s not physically just going after her, it feels like it’s going after myself too,” Heather said. Heather and Joshua will stay in the house with Lily for now, until they gather enough money to move.

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