Artist Paints Miniature Paintings On Tiny Tea Bags

  • Ruby Silvious turns new and used bags of tea into pieces of art.

Art On Tea Bags

Ruby Silvious is a visual artist and graphic designer, whose recent work includes experimenting on recycled and found materials.

In 2015, she started a project called 363 Days of Tea, a visual daily record of her impression of the moment, using the emptied-out tea bag as her canvas, and altering it to create a new work of art every day for 363 days.

Here are some of Ruby’s amazing tea bag paintings.

Snow day

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The Gleaners doing community service @numiorganictea

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Modigliani does fast food | collage, watercolor @myteaheehee

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Silvious is the author of a newly published coffee table book, 363 Days of Tea: A Visual Journal on Used Teabags.

Her work is included in a group show “Deemed a Canvas” at Paradigm Gallery in Philadelphia, which opens on January 26th. See more of her work on her website and Instagram.