9 Awesome Action Figure Posing Accounts On Instagram

Action Figure Photo Posing Instagram
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A kid can bash two plastic action figures against one another only so many times before the act turns incredibly boring so little ones usually spend more time posing toys than playing with them.

So what happens when those boys and girls grow up? They turn all those hours of world-building with toys into awesome Instagram accounts dedicated to action figure posing. But the work is much more detailed and involves lighting, scene construction and occasionally a little photo manipulation to bring the plastic men and women to life.

There are thousands of Instagrams dedicated to the art of figure and toy posing and it would impossible to list them all so here are just some of our favorite accounts.

1. ActionFigureFotos

The Action Figure Photos account is dedicated to toys of the 60s and 90s. GI Joes are heavily featured but He-Man, Marvel characters, and DC comics legends often make appearances on the action figure-obsessed account.


Simon is an artist in the UK, a Batman fan, and an action figure collector. His Instagram account is dedicated to toys from Batman the Animated Series.

3. PrinceDraco

Prince Draco mixes in “action shots” to his action figure poses to really make the toys come to life.

Taking a couple of candid shots for the “School Paper”. ? #spidermanhomecoming #spiderman

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“My Scorpie Sense is Tingling.” ? #mortalkombat #stormcollectibles

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Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! ????

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4. RyanDeanToyPhotography

Chuck is photographer and action figure fan. His photo specialties include retouch and photomanipulation. Those come in handy when turning lifeless toys into works of art.

SLIDE TO SEE `MAKING OF` !!! hey everyone! I have a little treat for you tonight. . I decided to show you my workflow, when it comes to compositing images. . I will be demonstrating with good ol´ Spidey. . So you don´t see the ugliest image first in the slider, I will be posting one of the final versions first and then walk you through the steps with the following pics. . I made a third composite, which I posted a few minutes ago. . So, let´s get started: . . Image 1 = Final version 1: My idea was to have Spidey webslinging through the city. So I looked for different backgrounds, that would work with the angle, with which I shot Spidey. This first version looks as if Spidey just jumped off the balcony to start his swinging. I blurred the buildings in the back to give the illusion of more depth AND the blurring makes Spidey stand out more. . . Image 2 = Original shot and setup. That´s it. . . Image 3 = First thing I do is set the colors and clean up Spidey a bit. I actually like the picture the way it is. The colors in the back work great, but I want Spidey in a city. . . Image 4 = I crop/cut Spidey from the background, so I can move him, change his size and/or put something behind him. The more time i take in cutting the fig out, the better it looks in the composite. I put the black background behind him first, to check how clean the crop is and also, so you can see the cropped piece better. . Image 5 = Next I added Spidey´s webbing and everything is ready for the new backdrops. . Image 6 = Final Version 2: the background here is similar to Image 1 in this slider. . I hope you liked my #behindthescene post. . . Now that you have seen all 3 versions, which do YOU prefer and why? . . ??????????????????@lego #lego_hub #bricknetwork #stuckinplastic #makingof #lego #brickcentral #brickpichub #bts_member #epictoyart #toyspotcollector #toydiscovery #hinterdenkulissen #behindthescenes #toyphotography #toycollection #michaelbaythatshit #toptoyphotos #btstp_id #ata_marvel #exclucollective #instatoys #toysaremydrug #retouching #spiderman #hasbro #photoshopcc #photomanipulation #artists_community #actionfigure

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5. bio.mech.force

Account creator rsuriyop is an amateur toy photography but his work is anything but rookie-like.

Out-hustled by a statue! ?

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Toy Thug is a dedicated platform for pop culture and toy collecting movement. ToyThug is a curator of some of the best action figure photos and accounts on Instagram.

?by @anggaxtoys

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? by @inbentiveminds

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Dope shot by @bythebulb

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Felton is a photographer, filmmaker and media artist who brings his figures to life with realistic shots and added effects.


By The Bulb recreates scenes and situations involving toys that often look far too real. Not that that’s a bad thing.


Dedicated to all things LEGO, this account brings mini-figs to life better than most of the animated films.

Did we miss an account that you absolutely love? Do you run an account that we have to see? Drop us a line here and let us know.