8 of the Weirdest Ice Cream Flavors Ever Sold

  • Really, what’s so wrong with vanilla?

Despite the ongoing pandemic, it’s still summer. And there’s no better treat for the heat than a cold cone of ice cream.

Some (like your humble author) firmly believe that you can’t beat old-fashioned vanilla when it comes to ice cream flavors. But others swear by… Shall we say, more esoteric taste experiences.

How esoteric are we talking about, you ask? Just see for yourself. Here are the eight weirdest ice cream flavors we could find that were commercially sold at least at one point.

1) Mac and Cheese

Kraft launched the Mac and Cheese flavored ice cream just last week on July 14. The release of this unique flavor coincided with this year’s Mac and Cheese Day. Yes, there’s a Mac and Cheese Day.

Created in collaboration with Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, this flavor monstrosity proved more popular than probably anyone ever expected. The Van Leeuwen website crashed within 10 minutes, and the limited 2,000-pint edition ice cream sold out within the day.

If you really want to try this stuff, you may still be able to find a pint in a store somewhere. A lot of people online are saying that the ice cream actually tastes pretty good.

We’re just going to take their word for it.

2) Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil’s good for cooking or drizzling on your salad, but who would want to have it on its own? Well, if you love the taste of olive oil… This isn’t the ice cream for you.

OddFellows Ice Cream offers a supposedly olive oil flavored frozen treat. Unfortunately for all you olive oil aficionados out there, it reportedly doesn’t really taste anything like olive oil.

It’s supposed to be just as smooth as oil, though, so maybe it still makes for good eating.

3) Leftover Pizza

Loblolly Creamery has a program where they create a unique ice cream flavor and release it as a limited two-week batch. Some of the flavors sound pretty good and others… Less so.

For example, on their website, Loblolly highlights the Leftover Pizza flavor that they offered in the past. It’s gone now, so we’ll only have to guess how it tasted.

You could try flooding their customer service inbox with emails asking them to bring it back, if you really want to try this freak of ice cream nature. But why ever would you?

4) Avocado Cayenne

Rococo Ice Cream offers a variety of ice cream flavors with flavors that seem good and normal. Chocolate coconut cream, Cuban coffee, honey vanilla… That’s all fine.

But then there’s the Sweet Avocado Cayenne. This raises so many questions, the foremost in our mind being – why?

Sure, some spice just makes food taste good, and avocado doesn’t honestly sound that awful as an ice cream flavor? But why cayenne in an ice cream?

5) Strawberry Habanero

Okay, the Avocado Cayenne isn’t the weirdest thing on Rococo Ice Cream’s menu. Strawberry Habanero? Really?

First of all, those two flavors don’t seem like they’d go together at all. And secondly, is this stuff going to be as spicy as actual habanero?

What a great way to cool down in summer heat. Set your mouth on fire.

5) Thanksgiving Dinner

Reheboth Ice Cream has an impressive list of flavors on its menu, and the list of retired flavors is even longer. But one name in those retired ice creams stands out.

The Thanksgiving Dinner. An African vanilla ice cream with pasteurized egg yolks, superfine sugar, Heinie Hurtn’ Hot Sauce, and Campbell’s tomato juice.

The whole shebang was topped with tomatoes, potatoes, and green beans. Yeah, we’re not too surprised this is one isn’t sold anymore.

6) Creole Tomato

The Creole Creamery website opens up with their slogan: “Eat ice cream. Be happy.” That’s a nice sentiment, and the firm has a whole bunch of flavors to make you happy.

They also offer seasonal flavors, which the company says come and go throughout the year. Among those flavors is the Creole Tomato sorbet.

You know, compared to some of the other options on this list, this one doesn’t even sound inedible. It might even be good, if you like tomatoes.

7) Cicada

We ran a story a while back about the FDA warning people not to eat cicadas if you’re allergic to seafood. Sparky’s Homemade Ice Cream clearly cares for those with cicada allergies, since their cicada flavored ice cream is no longer available.

Oh, but there was a time when it was. You could get a portion of brown-sugar-and-butter ice cream with boiled cicadas on top.

The ice cream and bugs would then be covered in milk chocolate and dipped in brown sugar. Is your mouth watering already?

Just asking, because ours’ really aren’t.

8) Cold Sweat

So those habanero and cayenne ice creams we mentioned? They don’t hold a candle to Sunni Sky’s Homemade Ice Cream’s masterpiece – the Cold Sweat.

No, it doesn’t taste like sweat. But it sure will make you sweat, since it’s made with three different kinds of chili peppers and two kinds of hot sauce.

This might just be the world’s spiciest ice cream. In fact, it’s so hellishly hot that Sunni Sky’s makes you sign a liability waiver before you can order it.

Yeah, this stuff is so hot you have to sign a form saying that you won’t hold the ice cream purveyor responsible for any adverse health effects. There has to be people who like that idea, though, since the flavor is still being sold.