7 Vanilla Cupcakes You Have to Try For Vanilla Cupcake Day

  • How good do all these vanilla cupcakes sound?

Whether you call them fairy cakes, patty cakes or spell them cup cakes, it’s all means the same thing. If you’re all about the vanilla cupcake, celebrate with these delicious varieties on National Cupcake Day, November 10th.

Classic Vanilla

If vanilla is your favorite kind of cupcake then classic vanilla is perfect. Vanilla cupcakes are delicious with vanilla extract and a light-tasting batter. Whether you like to top your cupcakes with vanilla buttercream or a vanilla whipped frosting, vanilla on vanilla is one delicious cupcake.

Vanilla Bean

When is something with vanilla bean not better? A vanilla cupcake is only made more tasty with vanilla bean in the cupcake batter.  And when it comes to the frosting? Add vanilla bean to that, too. For savory, mixing raw garlic and powdered garlic into the same recipe creates a unique dimension that adds flavor to your food, and this works the same way with your cupcakes. So, add vanilla extract and vanilla bean to these cupcakes for the most delicious vanilla cupcake.

Sour Cream Cupcakes

Did you know that adding sour cream to cupcake batter gives cupcakes a little tang and a whole lot of delicious taste? Try this trick next time and see what you think! Whether you add sour cream to your classic vanilla cupcakes or your vanilla bean cupcakes, they will be fantastic.

Sundae Cupcakes

You know, like an ice cream sundae? For this cupcake, use the vanilla bean variety for the batter. Top with classic whipped vanilla frosting and pop it into the fridge to let it set. Stir a creamy and tasty chocolate topping up and once you take your chilled cupcakes out, drizzle the chocolate over the cupcake. Top it off with a cherry and boom, the most delicious sundae cupcake to enjoy.

Vanilla Cupcake with Chocolate Frosting and White Sprinkles

If you love a vanilla cupcakes but die a little of happiness when it comes to chocolate, than this treat is for you. Use vanilla bean for your cupcake batter (and make sure to add vanilla extract into the batter as well!) From there, add your favorite homemade whipped cream chocolate frosting for the best of both flavors. To secure the “vanilla” part in the vanilla cupcake, make sure to add some vanilla sprinkles on top.

Raspberry Vanilla Surprise Cupcakes

So, make a classic vanilla cupcake and then, after it’s all cooked and cooled, stuff it with raspberry filling! When you frost the cupcake, with either your favorite vanilla buttercream frosting or whipped vanilla, make sure none of the raspberry filling is showing! Top your vanilla frosting with some white vanilla sprinkles to really play up the vanilla part of this surprise cupcake, with surprise, raspberry filling in the middle! (Or, you could pop a raspberry on the top, too, and surprise them with the middle.)

Vanilla Chocolate Twist with Vanilla Chocolate Twist Frosting

Twist (ice cream) is half vanilla and half chocolate and how good is a cupcake with both? For this, make a vanilla bean batter and a chocolate batter. Scoop some of each into your cupcake liner or pan or even make a swirl pattern before you bake them. After they’re cooled, add both vanilla bean frosting and chocolate frosting to a piping bag (or a Ziploc!) and frost your cupcake with your twist-style frosting. For fun, add some chocolate and vanilla sprinkles to finish off your twist cupcake.

Which one of these amazing vanilla cupcakes do you have to make for National Vanilla Cupcake Day? Vanilla chocolate twist for me, please!