6 Fascinating Medical Miracles

Watch enough medical dramas on Netflix, and you’ll believe that doctors can do just about anything. In reality, a trip to the hospital is more likely to end with inconclusive tests and grim prognosis than anything else. On a few rare occasions, the outcomes are As Seen on TV. For these people, they defied steep odds and dire circumstances to survive terrifying injuries and illnesses.

Jeremy Payton lost all the fingers on his right hand during an industrial accident. Doctors attempted to reattach the fingers, but after several weeks, necrosis set in. Instead, they offered another solution, transplanting the toes from his foot onto the hand to work as a thumb and two digits. The surgeries were successful and Payton now has enough dexterity to tie his shoelaces, brush his teeth, and even golf. There is one weird side-effect––his has to shave his palm. Some of the transplanted skin came from his groin, so he now has a hairy palm on his right hand. source

Peng Shulin lost half his body in a car accident in 1995. Shockingly, he survived, but he spent almost two years in the hospital as doctors worked to reroute most of the major organs and systems in his body. He remained active with his arms, maintaining his strength even though he remained in a prone position most of the time. In 2005, doctors developed a system allowing him to walk again by attaching prosthetic legs to either side of his torso.  source

Kali Hardig contracted a disease that almost no one survives. Playing in a water park with friends, water infected with brain-eating amoebas got up her nose. From her nose it travelled through her head to her brain, where it began devouring brain tissue. Her symptoms were a crushing migraine and nausea so severe her parents took her to the hospital. There they learned only 2 people had ever survived the parasite in North America. With an experimental medication, a medically induced coma, and decreased body temperature, Kali endured and 2 weeks later woke up. source