The Weirdest Beauty Trends That You Have Seen Yet

There are beauty trends and then there are weird beauty trends. Sometimes they are even one in the same. These are the weirdest, but somehow still popular, weird beauty trends that you have seen yet, and some you will never believe anyone would have, much less that they would be a trend.

Halo Brows

So, brows are a thing these days. No longer are the thin, barely there eyebrows of the 90s. These days, the bigger, the better. And the more shaped, the better? Halo brows are just that, halo shaped eyebrows. The ends connect making the “halo” shape, but without a unibrow. And can we just say, “Thank God for that??”

Half Long, Half Short Hair

This is not cute, and a ‘style’ that honestly looks like someone who doesn’t know how to cut hair, cut yours. You basically still have your longer layer and then someone cuts an additional layer, just under your ears, with a straight razor and a steady hand. It looks like an upside down shelf. It may be a trend but don’t, just don’t do it.

Red Eye Make Up

Violets and creamy reds helped inspire and make this trend a thing. But instead of looking romantic and pretty, it makes you look like you got a sunburn around your eyes. You know how if you go tanning and you wear the tanning googles, and either you have very tan-able skin or you get a little more color than you expected, and then you have raccoon eyes? It’s like that, only the opposite. Some people really like the look, while others think it looks like you could be having an allergic reaction. I mean, if that’s what you like, opposite sunburn or the allergic reaction look, then by all means. Otherwise, this is a no.

Baby Bangs

People are divided on bangs. Are they cute? Unnecessary? Old school? Flattering? We all have our ideas about bangs but I think we can all agree on one thing, baby bangs are not ok, not good-looking, and should go the way of the dodo. Baby bangs are when you have bangs, but they don’t hit the top of your eyebrows, they aren’t long, or sweeping. No, they are baby. They are only several inches long, bluntly cut, and just lay across your forehead, and much too high up on your forehead for that matter. Don’t get baby bangs, you will regret your decision, they will take forever to grow back, and, because they are so short, it will be next to impossible to even pin them back or do anything to ‘style’ them, until they are gone.

Filled/Shaped Nails

As in fake nails, with things in them. Now some of these are pretty, innovative, and fun. But others, they are weird, and definitely one of those weird beauty trends that you do not want. One of these would be ants. Yes, there are nails out there with tips and the tips literally have ants in them. You got it, real-life, crawling around, ants. I mean, how is this not animal cruelty? Other weird nails are the ones shaped like teeth, ones shaped like boobs with nipples, and even some with nipple piercings, and things like corkscrews or toilet paper rolls. Yes, toilet paper rolls, on the end of your nails. Who does that, and why?

Glitter Roots

Besides being a mess, you would think this would be so itchy! Not that glitter roots aren’t pretty, sparkly, and very 2019, but this is definitely one of the weird beauty trends. Some don’t think it looks that good and others think we need to stay away from all the sparkle. But glitter roots are a thing, a messy thing, and one of those weird beauty trends is probably here to stay for a while. Or at least through next Halloween.

If you agree these trends are weird, just wait until you read part two, and see even more weird beauty trends. But of these, the weirdest trend has got to be ants crawling around inside your fake nails. Just no.