5 Weird Things People Have Done with NFTs

  • Must've been a good day for digital artist Pak, when he sold a nearly $100M NFT named "Merge"...

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are helping artists from various backgrounds to secure full ownership of their works, which they can monetize while retaining copyright. Yet, many creators are developing weird and wonderful NFTs which go beyond the tech’s original objectives. Scientists, musicians, artists, and coders have found innovative ways to use NFT technology.

If you are ready for your mind to be blown about its usage, check out the five weirdest things people have done with NFTs.


  1. An NFT Restaurant

Opening in 2023, Flyfish Club will become the first members-only private dining club purchased with NFT. Every token-holder can then access the New York City restaurant’s many culinary, cultural, and social experiences.

Gary Vaynerchuk is the brainchild behind the VCR Group, which will bring like-minded people together to enjoy a gastronomic feast. Members can treat themselves to a cocktail at the stylish lounge, enjoy dinner at the restaurant, dine in the intimate omakase room, or relax in the outdoor space.


  1. A Selfie Catalog

Inspired by Noah Kalina, who made a video compilation of daily selfies over six years, Sultan Gustaf Ghozali decided to create a collection of selfies from 2017 to 2021. He then minted his collection, titled Ghozali Everyday, in 2021, which featured daily photos of himself standing in front of a computer. The NFT collection might seem a little odd, but it generated approximately 397 ETH in sales in March, which is equivalent to $1.2 million.


  1. NFT Wedding Rings

Most people create or buy NFTs for music, artwork, or trading cards, but one couple chose to use blockchain technology to create wedding rings. Rebecca Rose and Peter Kacherginsky, two Coinbase employees, decided to skip traditional wedding rings and exchanged NFTs with their wedding vows. Rather than exchanging wedding rings during the traditional Jewish ceremony, the happy couple pulled out their phones to send NFTs from wallet to wallet.


  1. A Perfume

In April 2021, Look Lab, a German beauty design company, debuted the first digital fragrance in the world as an NFT. Cyber Eau de Parfum is a limited-edition cologne powered by blockchain technology. Token-holders could then secure a digital and physical fragrance.

Sean Caruso, a Canadian artist, created the digital scent, which encoded the perfume scent into the collection of only ten NFTs. They were designed with a spectrum data form and extracted with near-infrared spectroscopy.


  1. Arm Auction

Oleksandra Oliynykova, a Croatian tennis player, took NFT to strange heights when she voluntarily tokenized lifetime ownership of 15cm of her arm to raise sponsorship funds. The 20-year-old athlete sold part of her limb for 3 Ether, equivalent to $5,415. Also, she advertised the winning bidder could resell the NFT for a higher price when she makes it to Wimbledon or Roland Garros.

The successful bidder, username JumpHigh, was then digitally engraved in the Ethereum blockchain forever. However, the bidder has yet to designate a tattoo, but Oleksandra has set ground rules, such as no gambling, extremism, or betting-related art.