3 Life Hacks to Understand What You Want in Life

Who did not dream of being rich? After all, everyone dreams of material prosperity, starting from the very time when they generally understand what they can get with the help of money. However, does wealth mean success? The identity of these concepts can be assumed in the case when money is associated with overall satisfaction with life. To love your business, to be recognized as an expert in it and get big money for it is the success that many people dream about. Recognizing this idea, not everyone is able to answer the question, “What do I want in life?” It is not necessary to get big money for it. If you cannot answer this question, then there are three tips on how to figure out what you want to do in life. The article is provided by primedating.com

  1. You are offered a billion dollars.

Although this argument looks somewhat speculative (it’s a billion dollars!), nevertheless, it’s not meaningless. If there is something for what you can give up a billion dollars, then this is your true passion, which you can safely devote your life to. Let’s say you like football, it is the main passion of your life, to which you dedicate all your free time, and maybe, in the future, you plan to make it a part of your job. And now you are offered a billion dollars right now, but with the note that you will have to avoid the theme of football forever. You will not play football, watch matches or read reviews of games and news. In general, everything that is related to this sport is banned. If on these terms, you still refuse the money, then you are a real fan of football. If you think this example is stupid, then do not rush to conclusions. Some people really have the ability to love something truly and be committed to it. Although, if you imagine, what you can buy for a billion, you might start doubting your convictions. After all, you can buy a whole football club with that money! Oh, sorry, you cannot.

  1. The day before death.

The second argument sounds somewhat radical, but as you understand, you shouldn’t waste time on trifles. How to know what you want in life? Imagine the following situation. You have a doctor’s appointment, and you have been diagnosed with some fatal form of cancer. You listen to the doctor, he reads out the diagnosis, and you have just understood from an incomprehensible flow of medical terms that you have very little time to live. It’s necessary to mention that you should forget about the farewell to your soulmate, final party and other things that a sensible person would think about in such a situation. Now, it is only about your passion, a thing that you would be glad to do in the last hours of your life. A hobby that you have always lacked time for, something that you always want to do, but postpone for the future. Something that you want to do in the last days of life in order not to regret. So, why don’t you want to devote the whole life to it, when you have much more time and strength?

  1. Get up earlier.

This example is much more prosaic, but it also requires a little imagination from you if you tell yourself something like, “I don’t know what I want to do in life.” Imagine that you are an extremely busy person who does not have time to spend on a hobby as well as to have breakfast in time. You get up every day at 6 am to go to work, and you come back after 11 pm. It’s your everyday life. You might think that even the previous example did not sound so tragic. Nevertheless, think about whether there is something for what, even in spite of the heavy workload, you would have got up a couple of hours earlier to devote time to. If you answer this question in the affirmative, then make this thing the goal of your life. Since you are ready to make such sacrifices, this is exactly what you need.



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