Curious facts about happy couples

Have you ever wondered what the secret ingredient is that makes some romantic couples literally blissed-out in the long run? Well, in this way, many scientists and researchers have spent long years studying happy partners in happy relationships to finally find out what exactly keeps them joined at the hip unlike those couples ready to step out at the nearest exit sign. And while there is no precise manual for what to do and what to avoid doing, we have prepared this short list of 6 interesting facts about couples to actually define what these duos tend to have in common.

  1. They get kinky in the bedroom

There might be all sorts of benefits to getting hot and heavy with your significant other, yet one of those facts about couples tells that regular bed sessions are directly correlated with your contentment and happiness levels. The scientists at the University of Sociology of Colorado found out that those romantic couples who reported having regular sex at least three times a month were almost 35% more likely to maintain much higher levels of mutual happiness than those partners who very rarely got down with their partner.

  1. They are best friends first

It could just be said that the secret sauce of a totally successful romantic relationship is for both sides involved to start with a stronger, more balanced bond. Researchers have also found that couples in love who shared a deep, mutually abiding friendship were also pretty much satisfied with their sex life, romance, and passion. That’s why Russian girls for marriage are obviously the best option.

  1. They often don’t have kids

Nobody says having children can be easy. At the same time, some experts will actually claim that not having children might noticeably improve the quality of your romantic relations. In this way, researchers have declared that childless unions turned out to be the happiest ones — whether they were married or not. With that being said, for couples who already have kids, working for businesses and companies with decent parental leave policies can make a major boon, according to this research. So, you may want to have kids or not, but we definitely think this one’s among the most curious facts about couples in love.

  1. They got better sleep patterns

It goes without saying that healthy sleep helps us restore our sanity, still it is also a fair driving force behind whether or not our romantic relationships are on their way to endless happiness. Back in 2009, the University of Arizona social study found that those women who had poor sleep patterns used to have more problems in their love relationships than those who could snatch a fine nap.

  1. They share pretty similar drinking habits

Probably one of those fun facts about couples in love! One of you might be a pro wine connoisseur, while the other partner is a skillful craft beer guru. Either way, according to a research, it is never about what you prefer to drink, but more about how much you drink that indeed influences your couple’s happiness level. Romantic partners with mismatched poor drinking habits (think: one side is a heavy drinker while the other one’s not), are more likely to end up in breakup compared to those relationships where both parties imbibe equally.

  1. They avoid too pricey weddings

One of the most interesting facts about married couples is that all the flashy iced out rings and all kinds of expensive wedding ceremonies do not always guarantee enough happiness and longevity of your relationship. The recent study conducted at the Emory University affirms that in nearly 30% of all cases, an average duration of marriage tends to be inversely proportional to all the money spent on the couple’s wedding. Debt is a pretty common post-wedding phenomena eating into a relationship.

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