Photographer Turns Kids Into Flesh-Eating Zombies And The Results Are Amazing

  • Amanda J. Alvarez turned her passion for the undead into a business
  • The idea came after a photoshoot 2 years ago
  • Each photo takes about a half hour to edit
via Amanda J. Alvarez Photography

Photographer Amanda J. Alvares is a huge fan of The Walking Dead and turned her passion for the show, and all things zombies, into a lucrative idea for her photography business. But the idea actually came about thanks to a creative little kid.

The California resident told Bored Panda that two years ago she had her first Halloween mini session. “One client had her children come as zombies and the rest is history.”

Each photo shoot involves a make-up artist to make the subject look “undead” and Amanda does the rest in post editing. Each image “takes anywhere from 15-30 minutes to hand edit” depending on the make-up and overall theme of the shot.

Here are some of Amanda’s best zombie pictures involving both kids and adults.

?SWIPE? Hello October! You know what that means, Freaky Fridays are back and I will be introducing this year's zombie hoard! ? I welcome thee with some creepy Alice & Wonderland characters! <3 ? ( Is it bad if I say I think I like these edits more then the regular ones? LOL!! No base zombie make up for these) #amandajalvares #209photographer #centralvalleyphotographer #modestophotographer #atwaterphotographer #mercedphotographer #turlockphotographer #newmanca #newmanphotographer #photographer #ishootcanon #lovemyjob #bayarea #bayareaphotographer #hellooctober #october #familyportrait #zombieportrait #zombiekids #zombiedisney #twd #ftwd #thewalkingdead #fearthewalkingdead #twdfan #cosplay #disneyzombie #madhatter #aliceinwonderland #hellofall

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real zombie pictures photo shoot 2
via Amanda J. Alvarez Photography
via Amanda J. Alvarez Photography
Real Zombie Photo Shoot
via Amanda J. Alvares Photography

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The talented photog admitted that some people might consider this practice “taboo” but those who “like a little bit of darkness in their lives” are sure to appreciate the results.

Check out more of Amanda’s work on her website.


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