Zebra Or Donkey? We May Never Know

  • Because they could be zebras, but they also could be donkeys.

We all know that zebras are white with black stripes. Or are they black with white stripes? Ok, so we all know that a zebra is black and white.

But what if they aren’t really zebras at all? Let me explain.

There is a zoo in Cairo that has been accused of painting its donkeys (as if that isn’t weird enough..) black and white, and calling them zebras. A recent visit to the zoo was the first tip off of something off and a little weird.

Mahmoud Sarhan visited the International Garden, a municipal park in Cairo. According to him, he was instantly suspicious of the “zebras” in the zebra exhibit.

Sarhan’s pictures of the questionable zebras went viral after he posted them on Facebook. If the animals don’t make you think something is off, then his face will. He certainly looks like he doesn’t believe what he sees.

The main tell is that the ears were much bigger than a typical zebra. And well a zebra has a typically darker snout, these animals had lighter snouts. Usually their snouts are black and these appear more gray in color.

The zoo’s director insists that the zebras are 100% legit when he was talking to a local radio station. But a local vet disagrees.

He says that a zebra’s snout should absolutely be black and the strips should be more consistent and parallel. Also, zebras and donkeys both resemble horses, but they are in fact different species all together.

This is not the first time a zoo has been accused of trying to gray the area between donkeys and zebras. In fact, in 2010 a Gaza zoo painted stripes on two donkeys. They had purchased them for $700. This is a far cry from the $30,000 price tag for zebras.

Weird happenings (or weird accusations) certainly leads to weird news.

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