When “Dirty Socks” Does More Than Stink Up The Plane

  • It causes people to get sick and even diverts the plane. Yike.

Have you ever been on a flight and there was an off smell? Oh, every flight you’ve ever been on? Me too. But what happened during that flight? Did the plane come to a stop, literally, in a destination city that it wasn’t supposed to? It did in this case.

This flight had a smell, a “dirty socks” odor in fact, and it diverted the whole flight. What? Here’s the story.

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Spirit Airlines had a flight from LaGuardia to Fort Lauderdale that was diverted and landed early in Myrtle Beach on Thursday. The passengers were getting sick from this odor, though they said it just smelled like dirty socks.

There were 220 passengers on this flight. Some of them experienced burning in their throat and chest pains after an “odor developed in a section of the aircraft.”

“Reports are we have several occupants on a plane exposed to an unknown substance,” according to Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue. The final counts were seven to 10 passengers were taken to the hospital. They condition was not immediately clear, as no one really knew what it was that was making them sick.

Officials were concerned that it was some sort of chemicals that was making the people sick. But after searching the plane, nothing unusual was found or detected aboard the plane.

“After specific monitoring and hazmat crews entering into the fuselage no substances were found,” Myrtle Beach Fire Department Lt. Christian Sliker stated. “The plane is all clear.”

Social media of course heard about the dirty socks smell and pictures were posted of the passengers waiting on the tarmac in Myrtle beach for another plane to take them to their destination, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

After being diverted, waiting, and getting another flight, passengers did arrive safely in Fort Lauderdale, but a full five hours later than scheduled. This is odd news for sure and I’m glad it wasn’t my flight.

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