You’ve Never Seen A Billboard Like This Before

  • And chances are, unless you did see this billboard, you never will again.

Have you seen the billboards these days? Some are funny, and others more serious, like, “Pills Kill.” But this billboard is something you have never seen before, unless of course you saw it briefly in Michigan.

Police say it may be the work of a hacker responsible for the billboard images seen this past Saturday night. The images were explicit and as unexpected for a billboard as you can imagine. Said bluntly, the billboard video was porn.

Police received numerous calls after citizens had seen the graphic images on the billboard located on the I-75 and M-59 interchange located in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Dr. Justin Kammo was one of the drivers who had seen the sex-filled videos, and said he nearly got into an accident because he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. 

“I came across a billboard and it was something unusual. I saw two girls. Lesbian porn,” Kammo had said.

Another driver stated that he thought the video was intentional at first. He thought it may be an ad for a strip club. 

But he soon realized what it really was. “I was just looking up at it and I was like, ‘Huh, oh, wow. That’s porn,’” Chuck McMahon said.

Lieutenant Ryan Gagnon say that the videos were playing on the screen for about 20 minutes. This was certainly a sight to see for those traveling on the road that night.

Although this video could absolutely be the reason for distracted driving, it’s been reported that there were no accidents that night due to drivers taking their eyes off the road for the bawdy billboard.

Police were scheduled to release more information yesterday about how the video got onto the screen in the first place. This was certainly a strange thing to see on a billboard, and definitely odd news.

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