You’ll Never Know What You Will Find In A Turtle Tummy

  • But it could be human remains.
Have you ever eaten turtle? If so, it was most likely at a restaurant or prepared for you.

But if you have ever caught a turtle, and then prepared it to eat, then how would you feel if you found something strange in its belly? What if you found a human finger?

“He was cleaning for a meal, at which time he found it inside of the turtle and we were contacted,” St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Captain Scott Lee had said.

Lee said that the turtle was “pretty large” and that the unidentified fisherman has caught the turtle on a trotline (a long cord with multiple hooks to be baited and stretched out to catch fish) in the Tchefuncte River. This river is 70-miles long and north of Lake Pontchartrain.

Lee said that investigators who spoke to a biologist told them that snapping turtles don’t often stray far from where they feed. The investigators had the fisherman lead them to the area where he’d caught it and the searched along the riverbanks and in the water and woods for evidence of foul play. They came up empty handed.

It’s been theorized that the person who lost their finger is still alive, and that they never sought medical attention. “That’s not what I would do, but it’s certainly how some people here would deal with that,” James Hartman of the Coroner’s Office said.

They were unable to get a usable fingerprint but if they wanted, the next step would be to perform DNA testing.

(Photo by: MyLoupe/UIG via Getty Images)

“It appears to be from a Caucasian [individual], but I’m not going to assume that,” Hartman stated. “Those are things we’ll determine with DNA testing, but we’re not doing that yet.”

Because DNA testing is so expensive, Hartman plans to wait on the police to see if their investigation yields any results. “If not, we’ll do whatever is necessary to scientifically solve this mystery,” he said.

Lee added, “At this point, all we know is we have a finger, but we don’t know if we’re dealing with a fishing accident or something more, so we’re not ruling anything out.”

I guess we will just have to wait and see what comes of it. But, odd, this story is.