Sometimes Getting Pulled Over Has A Happy Ending

  • And this is no exception.

No one likes getting pulled over. And a ticket is even less appealing.

But what if you were pulled over for something happy? What if it was a(nother) chance encounter and a reflection of your past, you?

A blast from the past is surely what happened when officer Michael Patterson made a routine stop in early June.

Patterson says that when he pulled the man over and came to the passenger side window, he was met with a Piscataway former police ID. The two got to talking because Patterson had grown up in Piscataway.

And what the two discovered next is not only a coincidence, but a life altering circumstance. You see, Matthew Bailly was a cop in his work life. And he and Patterson had met before,  27 years earlier to be exact.

Patterson had grown up in Poe Place and Bailly remembered the name right away. It took him a second to recall, and he even asked Patterson, “Why do I remember that name?”

This got Patterson thinking, too, and then Bailly remembered. As a starter, rookie cop, Bailey had delivered a baby there. None other than Michael Patterson.

“My name is Michael Patterson, sir,” he told Bailly. “Thank you for delivering me.” As both men reconnected, it was an awe-filled conversation.

The two took a picture together at the traffic stop. Patterson even brought his mother to Bailly’s home where the two men took another opporitunity for a photo op. The pictures and story were shared on the New Jersey State Police Facebook page.

State police shared this about the post: “They all felt this story was so uplifting, it needed to be shared, and we agree! After all, as a police officer, you don’t always get a chance to have a moment like this with people you once helped in your career!”

What a happy ending to this odd news story.