Woman Missing From Hospital Uses ‘Spell Book’ to Set a Car on Fire

  • Literally, uses a spell book to start a fire, you'll see.

Like out of a remixed Cinderella horror movie, an escaped hospital patient and the owner of a business said to be previously owned by the Catholic Church, lit a car on fire by way of a spell book, and then fled the scene.

She left her shoe. And her cell phone, too.

Kristy Lynn Malzi, 47, also known as “Kat,” reportedly went missing from a western Pennsylvania hospital on August 4th, as said by her concerned mother. Days before, on July 30th, Malzi went to BK Klassics in Stoneycreek to confront her ex-boyfriend, as cited by a criminal complaint filed by police.

She grabbed a shotgun from the buildings office during the argument, and pointed it at her ex’s head, he later told the police. She was then locked out of the building while employees from the lot pulled her away.

Malzi then was said to have torn pages out of a copy of “Wicca Book of Spells,” lit them on fire, put them in the front seat of a 2012 red Ford Focus. Witnesses later said she was “practicing witchcraft.”

An employee used a fire extinguisher to put the fire out and saw the burnt pages. This is when Malzi fled, leaving the shoe and cellphone. The shoe, cell and book were all collected as a part of the investigation.

The Focus was left with “extensive fire damage to the driver’s seat, door panel and headliner,” there was also “heat and smoke damage” inside the car.

The ex claimed that she had come to kill him, and her mother (who reported her missing,) claiming they were tracking her movements. Malzi has since been located and was arraigned on Monday, August 8th, according to court dockets.

She is charged with a felony for Reckless Burning or Exploding – places property having a value that exceeds $5000 or automobile, place; along with three misdemeanors, two for Terroristic Threats With The Intent  To Terrorize Another, and one charge of Simple Assault, as listed by the court records.