Why Do We Play Games?

If you ask those people who have been playing games for years many will say that there are different responses when asked ‘why do you play games?’ and for many gamers they would have heard the classic statements of ‘what a waste of time and money it all is’ more than once.

Strangely, there are still some people that view gaming as more of a guilty pleasure which can embarrass them, this unnecessary feeling stems from the unfortunate stigma attached to arcade machines, and of course there are some people that just cannot see the appeal in playing online or video games.

Surely though, there has to be something more to playing online games than fun?


Interactivity is the Name of the Game

First and foremost, there is the challenge and just like enjoying a good movie or piece of music our entertainment comes from the stories, the music and the characters. We enjoy the twists and turns of a story and we respond to them in an emotional way.

The one thing that watching a movie or listening to a great piece of music doesn’t do is ask for any input, we just plug in and go. Now imagine if all that was taken away, all the simplicity of simply watching the screen and you had to manipulate that world yourself.

If you had to resolve all the conflicts, make all the important decisions and generally move the characters along in the direction you wanted, ultimately progressing the story to its own conclusion just imagine how much fun that would be.


Enjoying the Challenge

Similarly, the challenge of other online games which can be played at online casinos, slots and bingo sites can be thought of as challenging yourself against the odds, although if you click here and play a few sessions of online bingo you will also find out just how very entertaining they can be. Online bingo is as social as its bricks and mortar counterpart and during stressful times can just be the ticket to relieving that boredom and frustration of being indoors.

The challenge of any game played varies throughout yet the general structure of any game revolves around overcoming those challenges to progress your own achievements within the game.

No one likes to admit defeat and so we tend to persevere in order to come out victorious in our own eyes, in fact there is a great deal we can learn about ourselves from playing games – how we tackle the challenges before us – how we face failing or losing – and how we enjoy our successes.

Gaming in all shapes and forms offers a sense of achievement that no other media can offer. You cannot unlock new content or different levels in a movie and a movie does not tell you ‘well done’ for watching it!

Gaming also brings a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that no other media can offer. You can practice new skills and strategies, improve your memory and hand to eye coordination. So,  the next time anyone starts to say ‘games are a waste of time and money’ you can hit the ‘off’ button and smile.