Why Companies Should Outsource Their IT Security

There is absolutely no avoiding the fact that today’s society is surrounded by technology, in fact, the technology that is in our lives every day is at the most advanced stage it has ever been. there are things that perhaps you wouldn’t even think possible with the security surrounding the technology that you own. Risks are everywhere, from credit card fraud to business hacking.

Many people carry laptops, phones, or tablets with them on a daily basis, so if you are a business owner you should outsource your security to an outside Cybersecurity company. There are many companies that you can hire to maintain the safety of your company’s interests. Your company’s security should be the priority with many workplaces being paperless. Everything you own, all the information you collect from payments, client lists, confidential files, contracts, medical information will be stored in your company’s system.

The system that you use should be secure, however, hackers will find ways to get into your system and infiltrate your files. Owners and managers of company’s carry this information a lot of the time on their phones or laptops, without even thinking about it these are often taken to the supermarket, out for dinner, or to the local bar. Some of the information that is stored can be very confidential and having it fall into the wrong hands can be deadly for your company.

How to protect your company from employees 

Protecting the work computers or phones that are supplied, should have limited access to your employees. For instance, passwords should only be on a need-to-know basis, and for very good reason, you wouldn’t just give anyone, passwords to your personal bank account or the keys to your home. Do not make the mistake of thinking everyone will be looking out for your best interests when it comes to business, because this could not be further from the truth.

Everybody in business will have to employ someone that they will pass on some responsibility, however, this should be kept to the minimum. Handing over access to personal files, sending emails to clients you deal with, and having access to large amounts of money to settle transfers, etc., should still need approval. If the person you trust with all your personal information and you were to fall out, your whole business will be at risk.

Changing passwords and keeping some parts of your business private and confidential minimizes the risk not only to your business but to your employees’ private information. Some of the information may be irrelevant to anything at all, but some may be harmful to the individual. When private information is given to you by an individual, it is your responsibility to keep this safe and secure.

Giving someone fully, unchallenged access to the business you have worked extremely hard to build from scratch, can lead to someone taking important information for themselves. It is not unheard of that someone will steal data, files move client lists, and block future business. Maybe not passing on important emails that may be urgent, will result in you losing future work contracts. When giving over all of your business information and security you are giving one person sole control over your life, in literally every aspect.

Why is it important that employees do not surf the internet through work devices?

Where do you want to start? Many websites will be looked at which are not work-related in any shape or form. These websites can be of an adult nature and will contain viruses or hacking potentials. Some of what is viewed may not be legal and this is not what you want to be associated with your business. Legal problems can surface if the computers or devices are shared, it may be difficult to prove who had access to these devices or who accessed the site in particular that was viewed.

Keeping security tight is essential to make sure these sites are not accessed and if someone does happen to gain access to something that they should not, the outside company that you employ should be notified and can minimize any damage from a virus that may have started to attack your company system.

Passing on a virus is easily done, even if no harm is meant. Passing on things that you may have been sent from friends that may have gone viral can also damage your work systems. Passing on these emails or messages may seem fun and of course when these things are sent many of us want to join in the fun, without thinking through the consequences.

The other thing employees need to do is keep the work area near the computer free from drinks and food. When computers have damage to them it is not always through what has been accessed on the device but what has made its way into the device. Crisps eaten over a keyboard can work into the gaps and it has even been known for the wrappers of food to make way into towers and printers alike. 

This is a small list of weird items found inside computers that are not even down to people’s eating habits:

  • Snakes
  • Frogs 
  • Insects
  • Spiders 
  • Lizards

So it isn’t just the people you need to watch!

The best places to find cybersecurity 

The best places you will find top of the range security for your business is through recommendation, look into who has used which company. Looking at the success they have, and how they treat their clients is crucial. Look at how quickly they have resolved issues that have arisen and if it has been successful?

Online research will show you a great number of people claiming to be good at what they do but reading the testimonials and looking into the company will give you an idea of what you are getting into when hiring this company.

Make sure the company you have picked does not just talk the talk, although it does help if they know what they are talking about. Making phone calls and discussing what your issues are, concerns you may have. If the company you have chosen truly knows what they are doing, they won’t hesitate in answering any questions you have regarding what you are looking for. 

Speak to friends about what problems they may have experienced. Ask them how was this solved? Did your cybersecurity handle these problems well? Did the system function as well after these threats happened? Did the monthly payments that you paid before go up because of these problems? There are many things that you can discuss with other business owners.

Working with an IT security company will half your worry whilst keeping your business safe from the threat of being hacked, passwords being changed and even your accounts getting hacked. Although many people don’t think these things possible in today’s world, they are, these issues arise daily. Prevention is better than fixing so it is better to have in place an outside source that can keep all your files safe and sound.

Workplace safety in general 

Safety in the workplace should not just come in the form of accidents, although accident preventions are important it isn’t just the physical health that needs to be protected. Every employee will go through their own set of trials. Keeping your staff safe in all senses is your responsibility in the work environment. Safeguarding private information, illnesses, and their mental well being is key to having a hard working successful staff member.

Keeping staff members safe is important, especially if difficult work situations become apparent. Bullying in the workplace does happen and should be dealt with accordingly and straight away. This is another reason to keep computer passwords in place, if any confrontations happen to be done by computer, it can be traced and the situation can be resolved with immediate effect.

Workplace jokes can sometimes get out of hand, this is why an employee’s record needs to remain a private document between the health and safety officer in your building and the manager or owner. Health information is on a need-to-know basis and is not for everyone’s amusement. That is why these records need to be kept completely secure at all times. Something that may seem like a joke to some people can be someone’s trigger. For some people, a trigger can be very damaging to their mental well being. Mental health is an illness widely spoken about today, however, it is also the biggest silent killer in the under 35s, and men do not discuss these things as freely as they should.


Owning and running a business is not an easy job, it can be testing at times and you will need great patience to do so. Many great responsibilities come with running a business and a great weight will fall on your shoulders when doing so. Sometimes it will be the most brilliant achievement of your life and sometimes the most stressful. Looking at your business as a whole package from the cleaners to your clients, it is your responsibility to do the very best you can, in maintaining a good healthy working environment.

This all starts with protection, in more sense than one if you do not protect your working business fully it will lead to disaster. Protecting what you have worked so hard to get depends on the security you have in place from protecting the office or premises you have, the equipment that is in use to employees’ medical records, payroll, and home addresses. None of these things will be possible if the correct procedures and data are allowed to fall into the hands of someone who wants to steal these things from you.

Stealing information and payroll will not just stop at your place of work. If the client’s information can be found there may be a back door into their system as well. Although you may think you have your security wrapped uptight, it will not hurt to have an outside company committing to ensuring that these things remain as safe as possible. Everyone wants to work in a happy workplace and knowing that the jobs you have employed people for are as safe as possible will give a pleasurable atmosphere to be in. the less stress you are under the better the boss you will be!