Where Can I Buy Guest Posts?

These days, it’s no longer enough to rely on marketing strategies like Facebook Ads alone. The content on your website has the potential to generate more traffic and boost your business. How exactly can it do this? Through one underrated yet straightforward tool: blogging.

Blogging used to be a personal hobby that eventually developed into an effective method to increase website traffic. The secret isn’t just increasing blog posts or articles on your own website to attract more visitors. It’s making use of a network of connected blogging called guest blogging.

Guest blogging or guest posting has the same goal as traditional blogging: it attracts more visitors to your website. The main difference between blogging and guest blogging is that the latter involves guest writers who create and produce content for websites other than their own. In return, guest posters can take advantage of the audience of the website they are posting on. This increases their reach and exposure, meaning the benefit goes both ways.

While businesses and individuals can reach out to bloggers and writers on their own, it is more common for them to use what is called a guest post service. These are services that allow businesses to buy guest posts. Guest post services help businesses save time and resources by searching for and connecting them to guest bloggers, who can write quality guest posts for their website.

Where can I buy guest posts?

Finding guest posts isn’t too difficult; anybody can run a query on any search engine and find dozens of guest post services on the first results page. But finding the right guest posts specific to your business is the part that needs the most consideration.

Given the sheer number of guest posting services available, settling on where to buy guest posts for your website can be daunting. It’s tempting to choose the cheapest ones available, but doing more research on which services are best can make a huge difference in your business’s success.

Here we’ve compiled a top 5 list of where you can buy guest posts that suit your business needs.

Top 5 services where you can buy guest posts

1. Guestposts.com

Guestposts.com is a great choice for guest posting made simple. It is focused primarily on guest posts as its main service, and it allows businesses to grow their website traffic by increasing authority and reputation, awareness and branding, and targeted traffic. Their guest posting services highlight the following:

  • Quality sites with real traffic
  • Genuine manual outreach
  • Premium content
  • Choosing by metrics
  • Relevant niche links
  • Great customer support

Clients get access to thousands of premium websites and blogs across hundreds of niches.

2. The Hoth

The Hoth offers multiple tools in addition to guest posts, including SEO link building, managed SEO campaigns, citation services, press release writing services, and more. However, its premium service is still guest posting, and this is done through manual outreach and content creation.

The great part about buying your guest posts from The Hoth is that it’s as easy as providing the link of your website and the anchor text. The service will take care of prospecting the landing and content for it.

The only drawback is that The Hoth doesn’t accept few orders.

3. Love to Link

Another popular guest posting service is Love To Link. If you want to buy guest posts in bulk orders, this is your go-to service provider. This is also especially useful if you want to build your backlinks with a trusted guest blogging service.

4. Outreach Mama

When it comes to outreaching, you’ll definitely want to consider Outreach Mama. Its services include:

  • Guest posting
  • Content Writing
  • Blogger outreach

Business can buy guest posts while the team handles the difficult work for them, namely content creation, blogger outreaching, and post publishing. If you are looking for a guest posting service that is relatively expensive and where you can buy editorial or contextual links, this is your best bet.

5. Traffic Crow

Traffic Crow has an in-house team of native English writers, which guarantees that the guest posts you buy are going to be of quality. The guest posting you receive for your business will also be relevant to your niche since the service has a manual outreach process.

Traffic Crow also offers reports for you, making it easy to analyze your website’s performance in line with the guest posts you acquire from their service.