The Weirdest Fruits and Vegetables You’ve Ever Heard Of

Fruits and vegetables are the backbone of health. Have you ever heard that before? But what about these fruits and vegetables?

Have you ever heard of them? From the Cherimoya to purple sweet potatoes, some you’ve probably only ever seen in print. But you never know, they may be your new favorites!


It may look like a strange artichoke but this heart shaped fruit is known as cherimoya or a “custard apple.” The fruit is native to South America and while the outside is rough and bumpy, the fleshy fruit inside has a smooth, creamy consistency. This soft, custard-like fruit tastes like a blend between banana and pineapple.


It looks like a giant grapefruit but it’s more than that. The skin of a pummelo is very thick and the fruit on the inside tastes like fresh citrus. The pummelo is bigger and sweeter than a typical grapefruit and is available worldwide. You can eat pummelos as a part of breakfast, on top of salads, as a part of a fruit salad or even to top cereal or granola.


This vegetable is sometimes thought of as a mixture of broccoli and cauliflower. If you look it up, you will probably find references to both. But in truth, this vegetable is its own and deserves to be thought of as such. Romanesco is an intricately beautiful and  bright green vegetable with a spiral design. The taste mimics broccoli and cauliflower, however, and even though it looks complex, it can be cooked up just the same.

Dragon Fruit

One of the prettiest of all fruits, dragon fruit has a bright, vibrant pink outer skin and green scales. The flesh on the inside is white with black chia-like seeds and overall it tastes a bit like a pear. Dragon fruit is full of Vitamin C and fiber. This fruit is very easy to cut into and eat, although it may look tricky. Because of its natural beauty and decorative flesh, this fruit is great on its own or as a part of a fancy-looking fruit salad.

Purple Sweet Potato

Purple sweet potatoes are just like typical sweet potatoes but instead, a deep, gorgeous purple color. From the outside, they usually look like any other sweet potato. These purple sweet potatoes are full of Vitamins A and C. The coolest thing about them is you really don’t know how beautiful they are until you peel them, and then they are just gorgeous. Bake them with a little oil, cinnamon and sugar, and make these sweet potatoes are even “sweeter.” If you love your sweet potatoes, these may seem weird, but try them anyhow if you get the chance, for a photo op if nothing else.


This fruit looks like a plant, that resembles a spider or hairy bug of sorts, yet it has a delicious, sweet flesh inside. In the middle of a rambutan, you can expect to find a soft, grape-like center with a large woody seed in the middle. This fruit looks weird, there is no doubt about that. They take a little work to eat as well and it’s hard to get the fruit away from its woody seed but the taste is lightly sweet and delicious. 

Jack Fruit

Jack Fruit looks weird, and some people think it is. But others love this fruit and it has become increasingly popular with Vegans as it can resemble shredded meat. The flesh of jack fruit is a yellow-orange color and it can also be fried like banana fritters. Jack fruit is also called nangka in the Malay language. Another thing that makes jack fruit so weird? It is heavy, like really heavy. One jack fruit can weigh 80 pounds.

Star Fruit

Star fruit gets its name from its distinctive look. There are ridges running down the sides of this fruit. Star fruit is known for its crunchiness and juiciness. Star fruit is also known as carambola and is native to places like Indonesia and the Philippines. Suprisingly, the star fruit can be eaten in its entirety. They can also be cooked and made into relish and jams and juiced as well.

Weird or not, these fruits and vegetables are delicious, and most are easy enough to find. What’s your favorite weird fruit or vegetable, or if you’ve never had them, which are the ones you want to try?