Weird Pizza Toppings You May Love (Or Hate)

Who doesn’t love pizza? Most people do, whether it’s filled with toppings, just cheese, or even gluten-free, there is something for everyone these days.
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And then there’s the ever present debate, pineapple on pizza or no? I say yes, bring it on! Others say no, absolutely not, pineapple does not go on pizza.

What is your favorite topping? Have you ever had anything weird, (yes more weird than pineapple,) on your pizza? Or better yet, would you?

Here are some outrageous, possibly delicious, and undeniably weird things that you can add to your pizza.

Cold Fish

Now this is not the ever popular (or at least available) topping known as anchovies. No, this is cold fish. In fact, this is four kinds of fish, all piled high on your pizza pie. Weird? Don’t believe me?

This is a thing. In fact, in Russia, this type of pizza is called “mockba.” It has sardines, tuna, mackerel, salmon, and onions. Yum. 

Just kidding, not yum. Fish is only ‘ok’ to many people, and cold? Nope. And not only is the fish on this pizza cold, but the whole pizza is served cold. There are way too many broken rules on this pizza pie.


More from the sea for this list of weird pizza toppings. People do love crab and people do love pizza, but together? Not sure about that.

For this seafood pizza, crab is the main ingredient. There is also cheese, tomatoes, and chili’s in this pie. This topping is more common in specific areas of the world, but if you like crab, this could be your favorite new pizza.

Veggies (plus a lot more)

A Korean chain with a couple of stores in LA has a pizza that you have not yet had. And may never order. But the people love it!

A sweet potato mousse crust is topped with mushrooms, beef, corn, onions, potato wedges, bacon, nacho chip flakes, and sour cream. Woah. That is quite the list of toppings. They call this pizza Potato Gold. Sounds surprisingly good to me, like a full course, dinner all in one! And of course, sprinkled with nacho cheese flakes.


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It’s widely known that you either love pineapple on pizza, or you fully disgrace it and it is not even considered a pizza topping in your mind. But what if you added not only pineapples, but also bananas, chicken, peanuts, and curry powder.

What then? Would you consider trying this combo? To Americans these toppings, together and on a pizza no less, sound pretty ludacris. But to Swedes, that is, people from Sweden, not only is this not weird, but it is very common. Would you want to give it a try?

Burgers, Fries, and Chicken Nuggets

This had to be an American invention. How gluttonous.

But if you cannot choose, why not just have it all, and pile it on top of a pizza? And since someone, somewhere already invented this wild and weird pizza, why not try it out? Just take a burger, fries, and chicken nuggets, and add them on top of your pizza and there you have it. Make sure the food is from McDonalds for the full taste.


What? That’s bananas. Nope, it’s coconuts! This abundant fruit is found all over Costa Rica and other hot and tropical places. For a sweet pizza, this topping sounds more than delicious. But on a savory pizza?

If you combine it with another tropical topping, shrimp, it would be like coconut shrimp pizza. Ok, not really? Ok, maybe not.

Baked Beans

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First of all, yum. But on pizza, not so much. How about with mac and cheese, hot dogs, or maybe brats? Well, don’t throw away this addition right away. Heinz, arguably the leader of baked beans, makes a pretty amazing baked bean pizza, according to some. And really, if you were ever a fan of beans and cheese on toast, this isn’t that far of a food leap.

Chili Frito Pie

This is just one of the many, weird, and fascinating pies served up by Ian’s Pizza in Milwaukee. They also have mac and cheese pizza (not all that weird anymore and loved by so many,) BBQ rib pizza, sweet potato and kale pizza, and the gyro pizza. This pizza simply has gyro meat, onion, and tzatziki sauce. Combining gyros and pizza? Genius.

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So what do you think? Up for some new flavored pizzas? Or you want to stick with your favorite standby? Either way, these toppings are weird, some gross, and some just not necessary. Happy eating!