Strange Human Habits That Lots Of Us Participate In: Part One

People are weird, we all know this. But it’s what makes us weird that are some of our best traits. Or are they? These strange habits are more common than you may think.

Saving Plastic Bags

Who doesn’t know someone (in fact, everyone,) who has a bag, full of bags? This is such a strange habit but we all do it, and it shouldn’t be that weird. The thing is, none of these bags really get used and even so, they are all disposed and terribly affect the environment. We should really opt out of plastic bags and bring reusable bags to the store, any store, when we go there. Just saying.

Smiling At Dogs
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Or kids. Or cats. Ok, not cats. But you know how when you walk by someone and they have a cute dog that is semi running up to you and semi being strangled by their owner, and you smile, and maybe even talk to that dog? And that cute kid in the stroller, aww! You walk by, smile, talk to the child, maybe even throw up a high five without even acknowledging the parent. Opps. This is weird but something that everyone does, for sure.

Dark Thoughts

And I thought I was the only one! But nope, turns out other people have dark thoughts, too. Like what would happen if you punched someone in the face mid-conversation? Or if your tripped the person you were walking with? Or if you shoved someone from behind? Or smashed into a tree well you were driving? Or stabbed someone with the knife you were using to cut vegetables? Oh no? Just me? Weird (and dark) thoughts they are, that is for sure.

Hair On The Shower Walls
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Listen, if you have long hair (and don’t care,) you know it sheds, everywhere! Without fail. And when you wash your hair it sheds even more. And it is all over your body while you are in the shower. But you don’t want it there. So what to do? Well, you stick it to the walls of course. That is unless your step-dad tells you he doesn’t like cleaning that, and he wants you to stop sticking your long hair to the shower walls. Then, you stop that habit.

Phantom Ringing/Texting
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We are all obsesseddddddd with our phones. That’s a given. But what about when it goes off. There is a phenomenon known as phantom ringing or in most of our cases, phantom texting. This means that your phone “goes off,” and you swear that you heard it, but then when you check it, nothing. No missed call, no text, no notification. Zilch.

Hot Plate
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You know when you’re at a restaurant and your server tells you that your plate is really hot and you shouldn’t touch it. But then, because you have to see for yourself (or you possibly have massive trust issues,) you touch it? And it’s really hot. And you burn yourself. Don’t do that. The burning part that is. But if you must test it so that you know for yourself, do it. Just do it quick and don’t linger because hot=burn. Write that down.

Cookie Dough

So they say you shouldn’t eat cookie dough, because eggs, because possible salmonella. But who trusts “them” anyhow? Who hasn’t been eating raw cookie dough since childhood? But then, because it is so good, you end up eating such a large amount of the dough, before it even becomes a real life cookie. And then what? Need to make more dough, then eat more dough, and it happens all over again! Life tip: if you want more cookies to come out of your recipe, eat less cookie dough!

Olive Fingers
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This is when you take some black olives, you add one to each of your 10 fingertips, and then you eat them, one by one, from each finger. This is most common at parties with snacks, holidays, or if you are off work for the day, bored, and at home in your kitchen eating black olives off of your fingers. But seriously, try it out. If you like olives, you will love to enjoy olive fingers!

These strange habits aren’t really that strange. Why? Because other people do them, too! And if others do these weird things, it starts to make them less and less weird. Wouldn’t you agree?