Visit the World’s Largest Corn Maze Before The End of the Season

  • And before it's too cold, snowy, and not Fall like.

Halloween may be over, but there’s still Fall fun to be had. Want to get lost in the world’s largest corn maze? There’s still time!

Visit rural Illinois and this task could be yours! A fifth-grade class was zigzagging through the Richardson Adventure Farm and wanted to find a way out, so this field trip wouldn’t be their last.

The corn maze has 10 miles of trails on over 28 acres of land.

“We said if we’re gonna do it, why not be the world’s largest?” George Richardson said of the maze. Richardson is a fifth generation family farmer.

And this isn’t the first corn maze that they’ve built.  They built their first corn maze in 2001 and started telling people to get lost.

“They’re in a wall of corn. That’s the idea. So it’s extra dense from what a regular cornfield would be,” he said.


Each year a graphic designer comes in and creates an intricate schematic for the farm. Then the farm begins the planting in May.

When the crop gets to about nine inches tall, the tractor tills the trails via GPS. Then, in September, the corn towers over visitors at nine feet tall.

“It can be disorienting… but that’s part of the fun,” Richardson said.

And the height of the maze isn’t the only thing to marvel over. The maze honors the anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing and the theme changes every year.

They had a Beatles maze in 2013 where you could see the faces of the stars.

“That great aerial photograph,” Richardson said. “We want people to go, ‘Wow. That’s a magnificent picture.'”

The maze sees as many as 800,000 visitors a year. And has a little secret to help maze goers out, literally.

The design is such that it makes sure everyone is able to get out.

“We don’t want people to be lost forever, you know?” Richardson had said. “People stumbling around the next morning … So now we’ve gone to designing it with virtually no dead ends in the design. All the trails loop around and connect with each other.”

The fifth-grade class thought they may not make it out of the maze but they all did, and they made it back to Johnsburg Elementary School. “I thought it was gonna be very easy. But it turned out to be very hard. And I thought this was gonna be my new home,” one student was quoted as saying.

Check this corn maze out before all the corn is gone and it’s covered with snow for the winter season. And remember, you cannot get lost, so it’s fun for everyone!