Virginian Doctor Arrest For Performing Unnecessary, Permanent, And Often Refused Surgeries On Women

  • Even if they gave him life in prison, some acts are so heinous there's really no equal justice that can be had for these women...

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Virginia Women, Beware Of Your Doctors…

On Nov the 8th, a Virginia doctor was arrested for allegedly performing unnecessary surgical procedures on women without their consent or knowledge. There is at least one instance in which Javaid Perwaiz, 69-year-old Doctor from Chesapeake, had tried to tie a woman’s Fallopian tubes – an operation which denied her the possibility of conceiving a child naturally. Dr. Perwiaz was arrested on the 8th and charged with healthcare fraud and making false statements relating to patient health care matters. He was ordered to be held without bond until the 14th when he has his hearing.

When Did They Find Out?

Dr. Perwiaz is accused of repeatedly performing these medical procedures on women without their knowledge. The FBI began investigating Dr. Perwiaz after receiving a tip from a hospital employee who grew suspicious of Dr. Perwiaz’s actions, in September 2018. The employee claimed that Dr. Perwiaz’s patients were receiving their annual clean-outs, and said that many of the people weren’t sure what procedures they were undergoing. The employee also said that Dr. Perwiaz performed so many of these procedures, that it was hard for the hospital staff to keep up.

Some Of The States Of The Women

The affidavit states women underwent “hysterectomies, cystectomies, myomectomies, tubal ligation and dilation, and curettage,” and focuses on four unidentified patients. It also says that Dr. Perwiaz repeatedly subjected Medicaid patients to procedures and often mentioned cancer to scare patients into having surgery.

One Woman’s Story

One of the patients said that Dr. Perwiaz told her she needed to undergo a hysterectomy because the cancer was imminent. She objected, asking for a procedure to remove her ovaries instead, and woke up shocked to find out that the doctor performed an “elective surgery,” but that her records included nothing about precancerous cells.

He Was Already Told He Couldn’t Admit Any More Surgeries

Dr. Perwiaz reportedly had a medical license since 1980. Two years later Dr. Perwiaz lost his admitting privileges at Maryview Hospital due to poor clinical judgment and for performing unnecessary surgeries.

The Virginia Board of Medicine investigated Dr. Perwiaz. The investigation was for preforming surgeries without appropriate medical indications and contrary to sound medical judgment. Which he was censured for improper record-keeping. He has faced at least eight malpractice lawsuits during his career stemming from allegations of falsifying patient records and failure to use less invasive techniques.

A Couple Of The Lawsuits

Dr. Perwaiz was accused of substandard care that resulted in irreparable permanent injuries to THREE patient and life-threatening injuries to two others. Another claimed that Dr. Perwaiz performed 30 surgeries in ONE DAY. Dr. Perwaiz has two offices in Chesapeake. There he has been practicing for over thirty years, according to his website. He is also affiliated with Bon Secours Maryview Center and Chesapeake Regional Medical Center. A web-page for Dr. Perwaiz on Bon Secours’ website has been taken down.

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