Up To No Gouda – These Thieves Aren’t Too Sharp – Caught After String Of Cheese Thefts

  • I wonder exactly how much mozzarella they had to steal to make that much cheddar?
Photo by Alexander Maasch on Unsplash
Photo by Alexander Maasch on Unsplash


We all have those foods we say we would die for, but is it something you’d risk prison for? These two clearly did…

Two California men were arrested after more than two years of being a part of a for long-running cheese theft ring that goes around several counties. The investigation started the August after noticing $50,000 of cheese had gone missing, according to KTLA.

Leprino Foods

Leprino Foods is the largest producer of mozzarella. The store that was stolen from is in Lemoore, which sits between Fresno and Bakersfield, California. Company officials estimate that they have been targets since 2017, but they can’t say who stole from them exactly.

Investigation Time

Police detectives found that the stolen product was being sold throughout Fresno, Tulare, Kings, and Riverside through social media, door-to-door salesmen, on the street or even flea markets. After identifying multiple people involved with the operation, authorities got search warrants for suspected business places in Tulare and Kings. Evidenced was recovered – a large amount of stolen cheese. This led the police to 24-year-old Jairo Maiano Osorio Alvarez of Lemoore as a suspect.

These Are Some Epic Cheese Lovers

The police later found that there was an inside source, 34-year-old Rodrick Domingo Ransom of Lemoore, who works at the plant. Mr. Alverez was arrested for being in possession of the stolen goods and on suspicion of grand theft and embezzlement, according to Brproud.com.  Maldonado said that Ransom may have been stealing from the company from as far back as 2016. He was arrested for grand theft embezzlement as well. The investigation is ongoing and there very well could be other arrests.

How Did They Find THEIR Specific Cheese?

“Leprino employees said that they found their stolen cheese on social media sites. Every part of their cheese, the cheese blocks, is serialized. So they were able to see the serial number on their block cheese,” said Detective Cpl. Osvaldo Maldonado, who is working the case. He said that Mr. Ransom had shredded the mozzarella and gave it to Mr. Alvarez to store for resale. Leprino representatives said that they couldn’t comment on the ongoing investigation, but sent a statement to BRProud.com. “We appreciate and thank Lemoore police for their professional handling of this investigation and for their service to our community. We are saddened that one of our own employees may have been involved.”