Top Tips for Raising a Happy and Healthy Dog

Every dog owner wants to raise a happy and healthy dog, but this is not always easy. Those that have never had a dog before often struggle and/or you might have a busy lifestyle that can make it challenging to provide a happy and healthy lifestyle for your new furry friend. While it is challenging and will require a lot of ongoing work, it is also your responsibility as a dog owner, and you need to do all that you can to look after your pet. So, if you want a few handy tips for raising a happy and healthy dog, then read on for a few ideas.

Make Daily Walks Part of Your Routine

Dogs need regular exercise for physical health and mental stimulation, and it is vital that they are getting enough exercise (this will depend on their age and breed). There can be no excuses here, so you simply need to build a daily walk (or two) into your routine – a routine is also helpful for the dog so that they have structure and know when they will be going out.


Find a Vet You Trust

Trips to the vet are unavoidable as a dog owner, whether this is for a checkup or a health issue. It is important that you have a vet that you trust and that the dog gets along with, and you then need to maintain a positive relationship with this vet and listen to everything that they have to say. You also need to know the signs that a dog needs medical attention and to keep a close eye on your dog’s health and wellbeing.


Socialize Your Dog

You also need to make a concerted effort to socialize the dog both with new people and other dogs. Dogs can become very nervous, protective, and resistant to new people and environments without making this effort, so this is something that you should be doing from a young age.


Know How to Mentally Stimulate Your Dog

Physically health is obviously important, but you also need to recognize that dogs need mental stimulation as well; otherwise, this could lead to behavioral issues. You can find all you need to know about pet mental stimulation at, including the importance of mental stimulation along with the best activities to try.


A Healthy Diet

Diet is a cornerstone of good health for dogs but is often an area that owners struggle with. You need to find suitable food for their age and size and to make sure that they are fed at the same time each day. Treats are also encouraged but you need to make sure that these are suitable and that you do not overfeed them.

These tips should help any dog owner to raise a happy and healthy dog. It is a lot of work and a major responsibility, but it is also incredibly rewarding looking after a dog and you will form a close bond with them that will bring you many years of joy.