The Top 10 Relationship Myths of All Time

If there’s one thing that can be stated unequivocally about relationships, it’s that they bring out forceful passions. Whether they were introduced on a dating service or meet in some other social setting, when a partnership is going well, the respective parties will be floating on air. But there are also many outright myths anyone embarking on a relationship might come across. Here are 10 of the biggest.


It’s best to hide negative thoughts

 Some individuals think it is better to keep unsavory details from their partner for fear of not wanting to rock the boat. But secrets, whether trivial or major, will undermine any relationship. Far better for worries or grievances to be aired and shared.

Opposites attract

 There is an argument that couples with differing personalities or interests can spark off each other. Introverts love extroverts who can coax them from their shells. But the overwhelming number of successful relationships have become so because the partners are similar in outlook and share passions.

You don’t have to work at a good partnership

 Complacency is not good for any relationship’s long-term health. There will always be ups and downs along the way, and it’s important for a couple to be open with one another about confronting friction, especially if there are underlying reasons for one party’s dissatisfaction.

People should always live together first

 The trouble with this is the way such a sweeping statement is often made as if it’s some indisputable fact of life. People are complex and, above all, individual. Some couples spend too much time focusing on what society seems to expect of them. Their friends are doing this, so why shouldn’t you? Be guided by your own instincts.

Lust is enough to drive a relationship

 A moment will arise in any relationship where the parties need to accept those initial heady feelings that ushered the romance in – the excitement, the passion, the frequent sex – have given way to life. Connecting physically is always a good thing, but even regular sex can mask deeper issues. Constant communication is the key.

Myth: Contended partners never disagree

 We all have basic needs and drives, and in any healthy relationship it’s only natural if there are moments of conflict. Resolving this in a mature way will only bring you closer together. If you didn’t disagree about certain things, often passionately, you wouldn’t be human.

True romance always lasts

 Some couples do seem to be made for each other and enjoy long-lasting and fulfilling partnerships. But many others may have started with the same optimism and joy only for their love to slide off the rails. Life can’t be compared with books or soft-focus films. Romance can burn brightly but it can also be a fragile thing, requiring a lot of attention.

Constructive criticism is essential

 It’s one thing to have an open, trusting relationship where you are honest about your feelings. And this has to be a two-way scenario. But it’s quite another for one partner to constantly snipe and criticize.

Intimacy should always be spontaneous

 Sex can be exciting when it is initiated when you least expect it. But there’s nothing wrong with setting time aside for those affectionate moments. Why not add them to your kitchen calendar, using a secret code? Building the anticipation is sometimes better than a sudden outburst.

Age affects libido

 One of the biggest relationship myths, usually peddled by millenials, is that older people don’t have active sex lives. This is nonsense. They still relish having stimulating hormones rushing around their bodies. Just as those youngsters will hopefully find out for themselves one day.