Quick Oddities from Around the World

 Often when we are sitting at our desks or going about our daily routine, we tend to forget just how big, how majestic, and how odd the world really is. People’s daily lives are typically hum-drum, never straying too far from the norm, but that is entirely our own fault.

We live in such a vast and diverse world full of so many strange odds and ends, we have nobody to blame but ourselves if we ever get bored or discontent. Because the world is so big, it also houses a lot of strangeness on the outskirts of society and some very weird laws, here are a few of the most interesting oddities from around the world:

China’s Dwarf Village – China is a unique place to say the least, and while a village may seem innocuous, this one you aren’t likely to find just anywhere. Yangsi, a village located in the Sichuan Province, houses some rather interesting inhabitants. There are only 80 villagers that make up this remote place on the edge of the world. Even more curious is that over half of their population are dwarves! That’s right, you aren’t reading a fantasy novel by Tolkien, there is actually a village in China that is primarily occupied by little people. Nobody is quite sure how this all came to be.

The legend of the village is that many years ago a mysterious disease came in and stopped children from growing, as well as their eventual offspring. Because the Chinese government forbids people to visit the village, lots of urban legends have cropped up around this mysterious village.

A Bright Bulb – In Victoria, Australia there is nearly just as much strangeness to be found in their legislation as there is in their wildlife. That is because they have a very weird law. In Victoria, Australia you are not allowed to change your own light bulb in your home unless you are a certified electrician. Talk about stringent standards. I guess the question should be, how many certifications does it take to screw in a light bulb when you’re down under?

Our guess of course is that many people do, and consequently break the law.

Dorothy Eady and Omm Sety – This is a strange story about a young girl named Dorothy Eady. She was with her parents who were visiting the British Museum, Dorothy became mesmerized by the Egyptian artifacts. Dorothy was so taken by a mummy that she sat under it for a long time, refusing to leave even at her parents’ beckoning. Dorothy insisted that Egypt was her proper home, and protested when her parents took her back to their actual home.

Dorothy became depressed when she got back home, constantly looking at old pictures of Egyptian culture. Eventually Dorothy grew up, moved to Cairo and renamed herself Omm Sety. She would then often go into trance and write details about her former life. Omm Sety did marry, but they divorced because her channeling rituals freaked out her husband. Undeterred, Sety even helped archaeologist find lost sites with her information, making this another incredible and bizarre unsolved mystery.