These Are The Weirdest Shows That You Can Stream And Watch

Who doesn’t love to binge watch shows these days? It’s pretty much the best after work activity to date. And you can find a little of everything for everyone. And the weirdest stuff, oh the weirdest stuff. There’s plenty of that.

Here are some of the weirdest shows to stream.

Attack on Titan

Japanese anime is more common and popular than ever before. It’s full of imagination and mysteries. And this series is no exception. It’s weirder and deeper than most and dives into its own universe. It’s got dark fantasy and steampunk seasons, along with plot points and characters that all add up to one thing, a lot of weird.

Black Mirror

This show is the weirdest of them all. It’s based on modern society with regard to technology. Each episode is its own standalone show and is usually set in an alternate present or near the future. Most of the shows have a dark and satirical tone but some are lighter. They are all the weirdest and this is easily the weirdest show I’ve ever watched.

Stranger Things

This throwback 80s show is definitely strange and weird and the people love it. The show focuses on this group of middle school friends and their lives. Will finds Eleven and she has powers. There is also the upside-down which is a shadowy dark version of the world. Stranger Things is a mashup of all that was good in the 80s like “E.T.” and “The Goonies.” The best part of this show is the way it almost enables you to feel the wonder of a child again. And because you never know what is going to happen, so there’s that appeal , too.

The Man in The High Castle

So this show is not weird necessarily but the premise of it is something new. The Man in The High Castle depicts what life would be like in the United States if Germany had won World War II. America is dominated by the Nazi Germans, with an area controlled by Imperial Japan and an area referred to as the neutral zone. A woman discovers mysterious tapes that seemingly hold all the secrets needed to knock down the totalitarian regime.

The OA

This show deals with life, death, hope, and the afterlife. The OA leaves viewers having to take that leap of faith as it reveals its complex story in surprising and weird ways. The actors add to the show with performances that intrigue to audience and leave them wanting more.

Under The Dome

The residents of the fictional small town of Chester’s Mill are suddenly trapped under a massive, transparent, and indestructible dome that cuts them off from the rest of the world in this series. There are lots of mysteries that come from under the dome. And at one point, there are several people who “make it out of the dome,” but then go back to save and lead the others to the outside world. Of course it doesn’t work and everyone is once again under the dome, and its control.


Catastrophe portrays two single people who unexpectedly become pregnant following a fling while they were in London. He is from Boston and she is from London. They were together when he was in London for business and he returns to the states after the trip. When she discovers she is pregnant, he returns to London and they become a couple. They later marry before the birth of his son and then also have a daughter.

Orphan Black

This science fiction thriller stars several identical people who are clones. One of the actresses assumes the identity of another clone after witnessing her suicide. Sarah, the woman who took Beth’s identity after she was gone, also assumed her job as police detective. Sarah knows she is a clone and that her fellow clone sisters are being spread throughout North America and Europe. This illegal experiment reveals someone is out to kill the clones, Sarah included. This show raises issues dealing with human cloning and its obvious effect on personal identity.

There are plenty more weird shows so that you can literally watch weird shows on repeat and never run out. Then again, if you did, there are always weird movies.