The Worst Things That A Rideshare Driver Can Do: Part One

Uber, Lift, and other rideshare services can be convenient, quick, and relaxing, especially as compared to driving yourself and having to park. You just sit back and relax, or do you? Sometimes rideshare can be a a pain, expensive, and not at all what you hoped for. Here are the worst things that a rideshare driver can do.

Call to Ask You for Directions

The whole point of rideshare is to take the stress (and work) out of travel for the passenger. This gets totally negated if the driver needs anything from you. For example, if you call for a ride and the driver cannot find you, and proceeds to ask you where you are and how to get there, it can be beyond frustrating. Oftentimes, people who call for a ride don’t live where they are and are unfamiliar with the area. But even someone who does know where they are can be easily irritated when they have to explain to the person who’s supposed to be taking care of them, and having to lend a hand. Advice to drivers, find a way to find your passenger without, and I repeat without, asking them for help and directions.


This can apply to many things such as, but not limited to, the driver smelling, the driver’s car smelling, smelly food the driver has, an unnecessarily strong car deodorant, and more. The thing is, when you get into a rideshare car, you want to feel comfortable. You don’t want any overly strong or pungent odors invading and taking over the car during your ride.

Be Rude

This pretty much applies to everyone, at every time, and everywhere. But the thing is, when you are in an enclosed space, with someone you don’t even know, there is nothing worse than if they are rude to you. If you like to talk and you have something to say, or questions to ask, than your driver should accommodate that. If you don’t want to talk and your driver is talking your ear off, and they are the only one that continues to talk even though you aren’t saying anything back, you would hope they would take that as a sign to be quiet. But even more so, anything that can be construed as obviously rude such as rolling their eyes at the customer, talking too loud or too quiet, not making sure that the rider is comfortable, and things like blasting the music can all be rude and should not be a part of the experience for the rider.

Be A Bad Driver

Again, riding with rideshare is supposed to be a relaxing and stress-free time for the passenger, at least to what the driver can control. Being a bad driver is almost as bad as asking the rider where to go, I mean, this is your job, you’re literally the one behind the wheel, and you should be the cruise director of this ship! That means driving defensively but courteously, not too fast or too slow, not constantly switching lanes or swerving and not slamming on the brakes or letting off and pushing the gas the whole time. As a driver, just make sure you are safe and swift and that you’re doing everything you can to be sure the rider is having the smoothest and best ride they possibly can.

There are more unsavory things that drivers do when they are working for rideshare and you can ready about them in the upcoming The Worst Things That A Rideshare Driver Can Do: Part Two. Hopefully you will never have to deal with these issues when you “call,” or otherwise obtain a rideshare ride.

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