The Most Awesome Pets That Are Actually Legal To Own

Most people have typical pets, but some people have awesome pets. Here are some pets you maybe didn’t think you could even hang out with,  much less have as a part of your home.


Yup, you can own an alligator as a pet. And you don’t even have to live in Florida! You do have to have a permit, though. And permits usually go to experienced reptile handlers that have existing facilities to keep exotic creatures in. Now this is no doubt a risky pet, and you have to make sure to have a secure and proper enclosure for your new pet. But if you ever wanted an alligator, you can now make that dream a reality.

Bengal Cats

So cats are a normal and typical pet, that’s true. But the Bengal cats aren’t your normal feline. Along with this, there are restrictions on where you can legally have a Bengal cat. For example, New York City bans all Bengals whereas Alaska bans Bengals that are less than four generations removed from their wild ancestor’s family. If you live in Indiana, you can have a Bengal but you need a permit to do it legally. Restrictions and regulations on owning hybrid cats have been more strict in recent years and in most states. But Bengals are easy and only need food, water, a litter box, a small amount of grooming and some toys, and a place to climb, making them as easy as pet cats.

Miniature Donkey

Yes, you can own your own mini ass, I mean donkey. They originate from Africa and were once used as working donkeys. They look like regular donkeys but are very tiny. They usually only grow to about 35 inches tall. They are very affectionate pets and love to cuddle, what a personality for an a–, err, a mini donkey. They get along with other pets and kids, too. Miniature donkeys live for about 25 years so you will have a long time with this pet.

Squirrel Monkey

Tiny monkeys are the cutest and movies sensationalize having a monkey as a pet, but for good reason! They are so dang cute and little, especially these squirrel monkeys. They live 15-20 years, but they need to be taken to an exotic animal vet to be correctly cared for. You can buy them from a breeding facility within the US but they are natural to places around the world like Brazil, Costa Rica, Peru, Papua New Guinea, and Bolivia. These animals are very social and they need your attention. They will stay on your shoulder if you bring them to a new place and as long as you train them, they will jive with other pets in your house, too.


Don’t worry, pet skunks are different from their wild friends. When skunks are little, they can have their “stink” glands removed and they will not smell. Skunks are curious and need attention and affection, too. They love for you to rub and play with them. Skunks are naturally clean animals and are “corner trained” instinctively. In some states, it is illegal to own a skunk where in other states, you do need a permit.


If you train and raise them from infancy, hippos can be playful and gentle pets. However, they will still get huge no matter what. If you live in a small house or an apartment, hippos will not be a good option for you. But how awesome would it be to say that you have a pet hippo?


Hedgehogs love to play and can be trained through positive reinforcement. They are quiet pets, and the most you will hear out of them is them running around their cage and “reorganizing” furniture. They don’t have dander, which makes them perfect for people who are allergic to cats or dogs. You need to take them to the vet once a year. But not all states ok hedgehogs and in New York, health codes prohibit hedgehogs as pets.

Who doesn’t want a cute little monkey as a new pet? What was your favorite pet from this list?