famous classified documents

8 Famous Classified Documents Way More Interesting Than The JFK Files

Conspiracy theories always come up whenever information is held from the public. In many ways, the absence of evidence leads to rumors, myths, lies, and speculation about what did happen and often clouds factual history. Though some conspiracy theories may seem absurd, there might be a kernel of truth somewhere. Everything is perception after all....
Dangerous but cute animals

8 Dangerous But Cute Animals To Avoid At All Times

These dangerous but cute animals are the definition of looks being deceiving. From the dawn of mankind, humans have had a symbiotic relationship with several species of animals. But like anything else, humans tend to judge animals based on how they look. If a creature appears docile, people assume it a timid creature. But as...
Wrong Parents

Readers Share Things Parents Did That They Didn’t Realize Were ‘Wrong’ Until They Grew Up

Kids are under the impression that parents can do no wrong. Man, how wrong they are! Parents are still human, even though they’re also guardians for other humans. We asked Facebook fans to name some of the worst things they witnessed mom and dad do when they were kids. Drinking, smoking, abandonment and awful food choices, …

Lost City of Heracleion

10 Weird & Amazing Things Found In The Ocean

We live on a planet where water is in abundance and covers more area than land masses. The sheer vastness of our oceans has inspired thousands of myths and legends from cultures all over the world. Though we live in an age aided by technology, we haven’t really been able to fully explore the world...
Rick And Morty Sauce Trade

‘Rick and Morty’ Fan Trades Packet Of Szechuan Sauce For Car

Fans of the animated series Rick and Morty are angry with McDonald’s. The chain promised to bring back its 1998 Szechuan sauce for just one day, but reportedly only gave 20 packets to each location. Some fans reported that some places listed online didn’t have any packets at all, or sold out before the advertised …

10 Zoo Animals Enjoying Halloween Pumpkins

Zoo around the work give their animals pumpkins each year because it "encourages natural behaviors, stimulates the senses, activates the mind, works muscles and engages animals socially." It also makes for a some darn cute Halloween photo ops!