foods to avoid at restaurants

Employees Share Foods To Avoid At Their Restaurants And We Might Never Eat Out Again

A recent poll asked current and former restaurant employees the foods to avoid at popular eating spots. The answers are stomach turning. For an entire summer, before my junior year of college, I spent nine hours a day painting dorm rooms at an exclusive prep school. The painting crew consisted of myself, my best friend …


Homeowner Discovers ‘Humming’ Inside Walls Was Actually 30K ‘Aggressive’ Honey Bees

My house is over 100 years old and makes an insane number of odd noises. I’ve learned to ignore every creak, screech and grind because I don’t have the money to fix whatever issue is lurking behind the plaster. I can relate to one homeowner in Hillside, NJ who heard humming noises coming from inside …

13 Awkward Celebrity Photos Shared In The #PuberMe Challenge

#Puberme was started by The Late Show's Stephen Colbert and comedian Nick Kroll to raise money for Puerto Rico. Plenty of celebs joined in thus far to show the world they, like everyone else, had an awkward phase back in the day. For each celeb that participated, both Colbert and Kroll pledged to donate money,...

Goths To Pay Homage To Tom Petty With A Walk Through The San Fernando Valley

Who better to pay tribute to the late Tom Petty than a group of goths? While Mary Soracco wasn’t the biggest fan of the Heartbreakers’ frontman who died last week, she’s had an idea she hasn’t been able to shake for decades. She always got a chuckle out of the lyric “all the vampires, walkin’ …

Popular Carnival Games

Carnival Games Are Rigged – Here’s How Scammers Pull It Off

There are many activities that people partake in even though it’s obvious the outcome won’t be in their favor. Gambling is a good example, especially forms of betting, like lottery or slot machines. Even though the odds of winning are often astronomically low, people still gladly drop down hard earned money just to take a …

The Stories Behind 5 Essential Tom Petty Classics

Singer/songwriter Tom Petty passed away at 66-years-old yesterday from cardiac arrest. The former leader of the Heartbreakers and one time Traveling Wilbury was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital on Sunday, but could not be revived. Check out these five unbelievable stories behind some of Petty’s best loved classics.
Popular Children’s Books

10 Dark Original Versions of Popular Children’s Tales

These popular children's stories and fairy tales allowed you to expand your imagination and immerse yourself into a world where anything could be possible, but do you know that most of these stories were completely different when they were first written? Check out the darker predecessors of some of the world’s most popular children’s books.