Strange Human Habits That Lots Of Us Participate In: Part Two

If you haven’t read Strange Human Habits That Lots Of Us Participate In: Part One, then you should. And then you should read this. **We have got to be the weirdest species out there**

Chewing Our Nails

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This habit is too disgusting but really, really common. Whether it’s out of (yucky) habit, because you are digging food out of them (I do this directly after eating but it’s still gross,) or because you are anxious/nervous/uncomfortable, biting your nails is not a good habit to have. Not only are you constantly putting your unwashed hands in your mouth, you can give yourself an infection, and if you bite too consistently and for too long, you can permanently misshapen and ruin your nails, nail bed, and more. There are lots of ideas out there and things to use to help nail biters kick this habit. Good luck!

Reading The Back Of Shampoo Bottles While In the Shower

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Hahahahahaha yes. I know I’m not the only one who does this. And in fact, I read the conditioner, soap, shampoo, body wash, and anything else that may be in there. Call it killing time, enjoying the hot water, curiosity, or just plain weird, this is something a lot of people do. (And if not while in the shower, then some people do it while on the pot.)

Smelling Books

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Just yesterday, new books were smelled. Also old books, library books, and even magazines. Not sure what it is about literature but it has a certain something and the smell just reminds us of a favorite pastime, turning the pages!

Smelling Food Before You Eat It

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I do this, too. Yup. I want to know what food smells like before I taste it. And not during the obligatory sniff you get as you bring your fork to your mouth because you are about to take a bite. Nope. Take a full bite of food onto a utensil and bring it up to my nostrils for a full on sniff first, that’s how I do it. Anyone else?

Not Letting Food Touch On Your Plate

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This is not as weird as you may think.  Well, maybe it’s weird. But it’s also very common. Kids can be weird about their food touching. Teens and adults are also not a fan of this predicament. And well some people don’t care at all if everything is meshed together, touching, and combining the flavors, others who normally wouldn’t care, aren’t a fan when let’s say their salad dressing runs into their potato gravy. There is a pretty easy fix for this and that is to use smaller bowls or plates while you eat, so things, especially runny things, can have their own space on their own plate. Done and done.

Not Liking The Skin Of Things

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I guess this article applies to me in almost every case, except I’m not a nail biter. But the truth of it is I do not like skin on a lot of things. If it’s vegetables or fruit and I know that it’s good for me I have mostly starting consuming it and like most of it. I like potato skins, apple skin, cucumber skin and things like that. But somethings should not have skin, at least not skin that you eat. Sausages, chicken, brats, jerky sticks, and the whites skins inside of oranges, I just cannot do any of these. But I love brats, and sausages for that matter, and will sit and pick the skin off so that I can enjoy the innards. Weird? Yup, but necessary.

Peeking Into The Tissue After Blowing Your Nose

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Truth be told, your snot can tell you a lot about health. Overall, it should be clear, slimy, and come out easily when you blow your nose. If it’s green, you may be sick. If it’s red, you may be bleeding a little. Am I the only one who looks at my boogers after they are shot through my nose and into a tissue? I’m guessing not.

Playing With Your Jewelry

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This one goes for almost everyone. Wearing a ring, necklace, or bracelet? How many times do you touch it in a day? Do you spin it, turn it, take it off and put it back on, and constantly move it around? Lots of people do. Are you at work right now? At home? Look at the people around you and observe their jewelry habits.

What is your worst offense from this list? Are you a nail biter or a book smeller? We are all weird and that is ok.