San Diego Has Had Some Weird Lights in the Sky

And of course, it made its way online to social media in no time. Because these days, pretty much everything makes it online right away.

The lights were spotted overhead Wednesday night and many were wondering what they could be. The lights were pictured and posted to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more.

The first views of the lights appeared to be hovering in place. Uma Aggarwa said she saw the lights about 8:20pm, about an hour after sunset. They were hovering in place and they were extremely bright,” she said. “It was the craziest thing.”

Later, the lights were added to with a second, smaller set of lights, viewable just above where the first had been seen. Then, they were gone.

Reports of the light sightings came in as far as Del Mar (north of the city,) and all the way down to the Mexican border, and out to the la Mesa, about 10 miles east of San Diego.

Of course everyone thought they knew what it might be. Theories ranged from drones to UFOs to military activity. One of those theories happened to be correct, and no, it wasn’t the thought that it was UFOs that was it.

The flares were said to have come from Squadron, also known as the Raiders, which is part of the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing that is based at a nearby Marine Corps Air Station.But of course not everyone believed it, which isn’t hard to believe.

Do you think they’re telling the truth? Or would you rather believe it was UFOs?