Why Would You Steal A Pizza Delivery Car?

  • If not for the obvious reasons..

If you’re really hungry, hungover, or just wanting to be a menace, you could steal a pizza delivery car. Or, you could steal it to go visit your boyfriend in jail.

Either way, you’re going to make it into Oddee news, for weird news. In that case, you might as well just do both, like this girl did.

We’re not sure how hungry she was or wasn’t, but we do know that she stole this delivery driver’s car so that she could visit her boyfriend. But the trouble doesn’t stop there.

She’s also only 14, making her a minor and not of age to drive. Also, she ordered pizza to be sent to someone’s house that she wasn’t getting or paying for. She just wanted the car there.

(Lee County Sheriff’s Office)

Lee County police say that Josie Bigelow ordered two pizzas and had them sent to a neighbors house in Lehigh Heights. When the driver arrived, he walked up to the house, and Josie lept from the bushes, ran to his car, and took off.

Christopher Cook, 49, told deputies he was walking to the door when he saw her dash to his car. According to police, she first drove to Lehigh Acres Middle School. Police began to approach her there, however, so she drove off quickly.

Police helicopters were following her and thus she had nowhere to go. She was apprehended about six miles away from her house.

Bigelow was charged with grand theft of an automobile for stealing the pizza delivery car and taken to a Juvenile assessment center. She was eventually released.

Her dad, Joseph Bigelow, later told police that her plan was to visit her boyfriend. “I sent the cop text messages of her and her boyfriend talking about robbing people and all that,” he said, adding that his daughter “needs a (rear end) whipping … That, and jail.”

Cook gave the pizzas that were falsely ordered from out of the pizza delivery car to officers that responded to the scene. Lucky them.

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