Sinkhole or Underground Bank Robbers Tunnel?

  • No one is really sure, yet.

A Pembroke Pines public works employee in Florida found something he doesn’t see normally, or let’s face it, ever. He found a small, claustrophobic tunnel that led to a Chase Bank.

The employee responded to a possible sinkhole near the bank on Flamingo Road Tuesday night and found the tunnel. It’s a small, two or three feet across and about 50 yards long tunnel that held a power cord and a small generator inside.

“It’s approximately 2-foot, maybe 3-foot in diameter. It’s very small, it’s very claustrophobic,” according to FBI Special Agent Michael D. Leverock.

The tunnel was located near a wooded area just south of the bank, in a shopping complex across the street from the entrance of the tunnel. The tunnel, however, did not reach the bank.

There is an investigation to whether it was an attempted bank robbery though due to the location but no arrests have been made. “They’re heading towards the ATM. I don’t think they were doing that for any other reason,” Leverock stated.

It all looked like a scene right out of a movie. Leverock said, “I would like to say I saw something like this in the movies, however, this hole is so small that … it’s unique. “You would not be afraid of small places for sure if you were doing this.”

Police cut into the fence line and discovered that the entrance was covered by a wooden pallet. The police believe there was more than one person involved in the making of this tunnel. They even found a winch and a small wagon.

“This is truly a unique case here,” Leverock commented. The Pembroke Pine police used a small rover to investigate the tunnel.

As of now, the authorities don’t know where it ends or when it was abandoned, and said it many have collapsed due to the recent rains. The Pembroke Pines Department of Public Works declined to comment, instead referring questions to the FBI.

But one thing is for sure, the authorities want to track down the digger, or diggers, as it were. “So, if somebody’s been bragging about this, somebody’s seen this wagon, seen a generator and some folks who are talking about a tunnel, certainly give us a call,” Leverock said.


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