Security Camera Captures ‘Ghost’ Causing Mayhem In Irish School

  • A video released by Deerpark CBS school in Cork shows objects being thrown around a hallway at 3 am
  • Deputy principal Aaron Wolfe believes it might be a hoax
  • He also discovered the school was built on a site where criminals were once hanged

We have three words for what you are about to see…

Oh, hell no!

Deerpark CBS school in Cork, Ireland appears to have caught ghostly activity at around 3 am on one of its security cams just a few weeks before Halloween. In the footage—which seems to go on forever in terms of the amount of poltergeist activity that has been seemingly captured—lockers shake, papers fly, doors slam, and a plastic sign on the floor flops over without a person in sight.

Deerpark deputy principal Aaron Wolfe sent the clip to principal Kevin Barry, and both were pretty floored by what they saw, as anyone would be. Still, they’re not 100% convinced it’s a ghost—it IS that time of the year, after all. “If it is a prank, it’s very well done,” Wolfe said.

And it could very well be an elaborate hoax—every year the school has a Halloween-themed event called Fearpark. “People have suggested that we’ve used a green screen, or edited someone out,” Wolfe said. “I wish our school had these types of resources. Others have suggested that fishing line is used. I don’t see how fishing line could open the locker because the locker doors don’t stay closed unless the latch on it is turned. Also, the corridor is on the first floor, and the window there behind the locker doesn’t open. However, anything is possible.”

When Wolfe started working at the school last year, he was informed by staff of strange happenings in the past, from hallways being unnaturally cold to sounds of crying. “Many people have contacted us with stories about the school being haunted,” he said.

And there is a possible reason. “The school is built on a site known as Green Gallows,” Wolfe revealed. “In the 19th century, criminals were hanged here. We only found that out on Monday. The pub nearby is actually called the Gallows.”

Despite that grim news, Wolf still errs on the side of it being a prank, but he should take heed regardless of his practical beliefs.

“A medium has contacted us to say that something will happen to me one night that will make me a believer!” he said.