Roommate Steals Lottery Ticket Thought To Be $10,000 Winner

  • But then the owner of the lottery ticket finds out the truth.

A California man got the short end of the stick with his roommates. Or better yet, he get some kleptos as roommates. Or at least a roommate that stole from him, in a big way.

A $10 million big way.

Winning the lottery these days is really no joke and experts say you should remain as anonymous as possible. Se we’ll name the lotto winner TLW.

TLW went into a Lucky Supermarket on December 20th and purchased a $30 scratch-off that he thought was worth $10,000.00. Like anyone would, TLW went straight home to tell his roommates.


The next morning he went to Sacramento to the district office of the California State Lottery to collect his prize, but was turned away because there was a ‘problem’ with his ticket. But later that week, TLW’s roommate went to the lottery office himself with the winning ticket in hand.


Adul Saosongyang wanted to cash in on the winnings himself. But as soon as he went to the office, there was an investigation to confirm that he was actually the winner.


This is protocol when large prizes are at stake and when they went back to review TLW’s footage, they were told the ticket may have been lost or stolen.  And then they connected with the police.


The investigation proved that Saosongyang allegedly purchased a second scratch off ticket himself and swapped it with TLW’s while he was sleeping. But TLW thought something was going on with a roommate and he, himself, had went to the police.


TLW told police he suspected one of his roommates was trying to cheat him. That’s when TLW found out the truth, his ticket was worth a lot more than $10,000.00.  He had misread the winnings and his ticket was actually worth $10,000,000 dollars.


Saosongyang was arrested on Monday and charged with grand theft. If he’s guilty, the punishment could be one year in county jail or up to three years in a state prison. The difference is whether it’s considered a misdemeanor or a felony.


They still need to confirm that TLW is the true winner. If TLW is found to be the owner of the ticket, his real identity will be revealed as it’s a policy in California.


“There are so many safety precautions that are built into the purchasing and the claiming of our tickets,” Cathy Johnston, a spokesperson for the California State Lottery. “The official winner will get their prize, that’s the bottom line.”


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