Rhode Island Woman Charged For Illegal Dental Practice

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She ran the illegal dental practice out of her house, without a license and sent someone to the hospital. 

Altagracia Yorquis Adames, 57, is facing charges for running an illegal dentist practice and allegedly hospitalizing a woman.

Adames allegedly pulled the victim’s molar and drilled several other teeth, causing a severe infection requiring emergency treatment and antibiotics. The 36-year-old woman said she began having pain in one of her molars and her front teeth last August.

She went to a clinic but after learning the cost, she knew she couldn’t afford to get the work done that she needed. A friend recommended a person to contact, known as “Yorki.”

Yorki could do it at a lower price. (Because it was an illegal dental practice.)

The police affidavit states: the victim showed up at Adames’ Murray Street home and was led down to the “dental practice” in the basement, which police said included a waiting room, a treatment room, and a third room with teeth moldings, a propane pressure cooker, and industrial equipment.

It also says “the victim watched as Adames allegedly took utensils out of a dresser drawer, including some that were visibly rusty, then numbed the molar and pulled at it for several minutes until it came out.”

After that, Adames numbed and drilled the victim’s front teeth, which wasn’t an agreed upon procedure between “doctor” and patient. (Though it wound’t “have to be” seeing as it’s an illegal dental practice.) The woman contacted Adames when the pain got worse later that night. Text messages included indicate the doctor told the victim to take painkillers and ice it. 

The victim checked herself into The Miriam Hospital where doctors gave her an IV and told her she was “very sick.” From there, the victim was transferred to Rhode Island Hospital and the  R.I. Department of Health was contacted about Adames.

Adames is listed as having been a licensed dental professional since 2013 according to a government website from the Dominican Republic. Her home was searched by R.I. State Police and FDA officials and her basement dental practice, as described by the victim, was found.

Adames has been charged with practicing dentistry without a license. She’s due back in court August 10th.

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