Premium E-Liquid Flavors to Suit Your Taste

E-juice flavors are essential in vaping for some reasons. First, it makes vaping suitable for everyone’s taste and it has calming effect without nicotine substances. It is safer for inhalation compared to tobacco cigarettes and also offers a wide range of flavor selection. 

With simply e-liquid options, users can try different vape flavors each week at a reasonable price. Each set of mouthwatering flavor is assured with higher quality than the other existing brands. 

E-liquid substances are nicotine-free solutions with fruity taste. Simply E-liquid is selling more than five e-liquid flavors from reputable brands. The search for new e-juice providers is still ongoing to deliver the best possible options for the vapers. 

It is good to know some of the best-seller e-liquid flavors in the market. To mention a few includes the following:


Seven E-Liquid Flavors To Satisfy All Vapers 


  • Menthol E-Liquid 

To experience a cooling sensation while vaping, menthol e-liquid is a perfect choice. It shines over the other e-juice flavors.

Menthol e-liquid is an alternative for vapers transitioning from menthol cigarettes. It is less harmful with all the cooling agents added on the formula.


  • Fruit E-Liquid

This e-liquid option is more refreshing with a variety of flavors to meet every vaper’s fruity craving. It can suit your all-day mood from sweet to tropical fruit flavorful vape juices. 


  • Drink E-Liquid

Simply E-liquid also offers thirst-quenching vape juice flavors to satisfy every taste buds. It ranges from delicious soda, coffee, and milkshake tastes perfect for everyday vaping. 


  • Desserts E-Liquid

Spoil yourself with a range of dessert vape juices during parties or after daily meals. Its delicious flavors are a perfect match to your taste buds. Some vapers prefer dessert e-juices because of their wider range selection of flavors. 


  • Sweet E-Liquid

These are familiar flavors that every sweet tooth is longing for. It is a sweet escape from the reality with proper nicotine measurements. Newbies in vaping will surely enjoy sweet e-liquids more than the other flavors.

Like desserts e-liquid, it has many flavorful options to satisfy your sweet cravings. 


  • Custard E-Liquid

Many vapers also love exquisite vape juice flavors like custard e-liquid. It has a velvety taste that can awaken a sense of nostalgia during your childhood. It may cause a minimal burn on your throat but it could be the flavor you are looking for. 


  • Tobacco E-Juice 

Last but not the least is the tobacco e-juice flavor. It is best recommended for vapers switching from smoking to vaping. 

It has no  100% tobacco taste  but works as an alternative for most vapers. It is a bit sweeter with minimal nicotine strength. Simply Eliquid also uses food-grade flavorings to ensure its best benefits for the user. 



Regardless of the vape juice flavors, buyers should be at least 18 years old to obtain any vaping products. Every e-liquid option is available in different sizes, flavor choices, and nicotine strengths depending on the user’s preference. Make sure to pick the e-liquid flavor that suits your taste buds from reliable brands. A little reminder, please vape responsibly!