When Poop Falls From The Sky, Make Sure Your Sunroof Is Closed

  • Or else, you'll end up like this lady.

We all know that the poop from planes has to go somewhere. And there are some buses I’ve been on where the toilet literally opens up the the bare road beneath when “flushed.”

But, this doesn’t mean that we need to be a part of the poop factory does it? Well, in this case, it did.

Imagine sitting at a stop light, enjoying the day or at least not hating it, when your car, you, and everyone around you are suddenly covered in liquid poop. Think this isn’t real? I’m about to blow your mind.

A woman, sitting at a stop light in Kelowna, British Colombia, is still haunted by what she experienced. And this is what happened.

On May 9th, Susan Allan, and her adult son, Travis Sweet, were sitting in her car when it was suddenly filled with liquid poop. She had her sunroof opened and that was how it got in.

“While we were sitting there, our car was inundated with liquid poo falling from the sky,” Allan said. “I had it on my face, down my shirt, my entire car, and the vehicle beside us were all covered in it.”

Allan and her son watched it fall as a large passenger plane passed overhead. The actual sensation of crap hitting their skin is something Travis will never forget.

He said that when it first hit him, it felt cold. It hit the side of his face and his shoulder. “Then the smell hit my nose,” he had said. “I almost vomited instantly. It was terrible.”

They wanted answers, so Allan contacted Kelowna Airport. She reached an administrator for Transport Canada who told her the government would investigate the possibility of frozen lavatory waste, also known as “blue ice,” falling from the aircraft.

A spokesperson for the airport talked with Fox news this past Monday and stated, “there is no connection to an aircraft as Transport Canada’s investigation is still ongoing.”

According to Allan, she has conjunctivitis in both eyes as a result of the feces shower.

“I feel they should compensate me for the injuries. What if it had let go in a big chunk? What if it went through my son’s head and killed him? What if it came through my head and killed me?” Allan said. “This could be a much different circumstance than just poop in my eye, you know?”

Allan’s husband fixed her air conditioning so she wouldn’t have to drive around with the sunroof open. Whew.

But can you imagine the smell? “We used bleach and peroxide and cleaned the poop that was there. Then they just covered it with perfume — so now it smells like Calvin Klein One,” Allan laughed.

But in truth, Allan is still miffed by the situation. “All we want people to know is that it was quite devastating to be covered in poop, and I hope it never happens to anybody else,” Allan finished.

Well, that must have been a shitty day, no pun intended.


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