Peacock Runs Away From Home To Hang Out With Wild Turkeys

  • And all because he wants some friends!

The Vermont couple that owns this peacock says that it ran away and has been on the loose for six weeks. Apparently, the peacock has started hanging out with a flock of wild turkeys while it’s been away.

Everyone found out about this runaway peacock when the story went viral early last week. The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department shared an email on its Facebook page from the distraught owners of the bird.

“My peacock has run off with the turkeys,” the email said. “Do you have any suggestions on how to catch the little twerp?? I do not believe they can breed……concerned. I know where he is most days. Any information would be appreciated!”

Local news outlet, WCAX 3, tracked down the owners so they could get the full story. Rene and Brian Johnson of Springfield said that their pet took up with the turkeys because it was lonely after the death of its sibling peacock.

The peacock goes by Pea, Forest, or Walter. And while Pea is on the run, he isn’t really lost. In fact, during a news segment about him, he was seen perched high up in a tree.

A local woman also commented that she sees Pea near her house all the time. 

According to her, she has even tried to catch him but as soon as the turkeys take off, Pea goes with them.

The couple says that Pea seems pretty happy but they are worried about him in the Vermont temperatures, already turning frigid. They just aren’t sure that he will make it through the winter and that there are too many variables at play but there is really no way to predict what will happen.

The bird will likely be able to keep warm enough but may have trouble finding food. As far as why he left in the first place, him running off to find friends theory is noted as being reasonable according to a spokesperson for The Fish and Wildlife Department.

“The owners would certainly know the personality of their bird best,” she said.



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